Liverpool | The Old Hardware Shop in Woolton Village

Generally, Liverpool is probably not best known for its vegan cuisine. To anyone who isn’t from the city, it might therefore be surprising to hear that the vegan scene is rapidly expanding, and vegan options, shops and cafes and popping up all over the place!

The Old Hardware Shop in Woolton Village is a bit of a trek from the city centre, but very close to our new flat. It has an all vegetarian menu with tonnes of vegan options, and, as this definitely is not a health food place, it offers a fascinating array of faux meat dishes, including the full english pictured above. I’m not a huge fan of fake meat, so I’ll be opting for something else next time, but Jake told me the toast he chose was divine. They also have regular specials, including a vegan marshmallow and chocolate bagel, which I didn’t opt for during our visit and am now seriously regretting. Their drinks menu is also absolutely fantastic, including a delicious hot chocolate (again, with marshmallows and cream!) and the best vegan milkshake we’ve ever tried.

The shop itself is absolutely gorgeous as well. Situated across two floors, the decor is beautifully mismatched and there are a variety of different table sizes meaning all kinds of groups can be accommodated.

This is definitely becoming a regular brunch tradition for us, and I can’t wait to visit again!

Have you ever been to The Old Hardware Shop? If not, and you find yourself anywhere near Woolton Village, you absolutely have to go!


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