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Bettylicious Cooks is a 100% plant based food company. African, Creole, Soul Food cooked with love. Pop Up cafe, Event catering service & cooking classes.

Every weekend they do a popup cafe in Liverpool in which the Bettylicious cooks prepare a tasty vegan menu.

A quick bio before I tell you where their next popup cafe is going to be:

“We create tasty dishes that reflect the diversity, culture and heritage of the origins of African food and it’s dominant influence throughout the world and cultures.

‘Bettylicious Cooks’ came about whilst Betty began developing her meat based food menus and was diagnosed with a condition she knew was linked to her excessive meat diet. She turned her eating habits around and took a predominantly plant based approach to healthy eating. Removing dairy products and meat and within 4 months noticed the changes were evident. Gradual weight loss, increased energy levels, regular menstrual cycles, more confidence and a more mindful approach to the health and well being of those around her.

‘I believe in a plant based diet because I see the benefits to my health and well being. I was a proper meat and chicken girl! How could I keep this transformation to myself’. I veganised my favourite African dishes, created new ones, researched some great vegan chefs, discovered well read African Food historians and shared my new creations among family and friends, the response was awesome. I switched my business ethos up and removed the meat and fish element. I’ve not looked back.”

So their next popup cafe event will be on Friday 20th November at the Cafe Kerouac on Smithdown Road. They will be there from 5pm until 11pm (last food orders at 10.30pm)

They (Betty) will announce the menu the Wednesday before on their Facebook event page.

We’ll be taking over the kitchen every Friday evening (ONLY) of Nov/Dec to bring you a small but seasonally selected African/Creole/Soul Food/Fusion PLANT BASED/VEGAN menu of mouth-watering starters, mains and sides as well as some winter comfort deserts to satisfy that sweet tooth. Of course our signature Jollof Rice and Groundnut stew will feature on our menu.

We will have a small selection of still drinks on sale including the Bettylicious Ginger & Sorrel juice. For those who like something a little stronger, BYOB! there will be a corkage charge per bottle.

If you can’t make it to that one there will be more popups on the following dates:

Fri 13th, Fri 20th, Fri 27th

Fri 4th, Fri 11th, Fri 18th

So basically every Friday for the next few weeks.

Find them on FB at the following: facebook.com/BettyliciousCooks/
Also very active on Twitter: @bettyvandy

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