Beauty | The VeganKind Beauty Box November 2015


Every three months, The VeganKind  release a beauty box filled with cruelty-free and vegan delights for makeup lovers. I subscribed to this service the moment I hear about it and received my first box a year ago – I can’t believe how fast that time has gone! The November 2015 box certainly didn’t disappoint, and I’m excited to introduce you to the contents!


The first item in the box was a Human & Kind Hand, Elbow & Foot Cream. This smells AMAZING. It does a very good job of moisturising, too, and has found a permanent home in the nappy bag I seem to carry around all day, every day, but what really sets this cream apart is the smell. Seriously. I want to eat it.

Second up was the Spectrum Collections Concealer and Eyeshadow Brush. This was the first item I tried out, and I’m in love. I’m a big fan of makeup brushes, and after browsing the website, I’m sure I’ll be testing a few more of the brand’s offerings!

Next was a 200ml jar of Cocoyou Coconut Oil. While I keep reading about the cosmetic benefits of coconut oil and have been meaning to try it in the bathroom for years now, I somehow keep forgetting and use it exclusively in the kitchen. This jar is the perfect size for storing in the bathroom, so I’m going to try using it as makeup remover once mine has run out, and I’m planning to try it as a cuticle softener as well!

I haven’t used lipgloss since high school, but I have to admit that the Emani Vegan Cosmetics Soulmate Lipshine intrigues me. I gave it a little test run yesterday and upon application wrote it off as too sticky, although the colour is very subtle and lovely. However, after drinking through a straw, I discovered that, unlike most glosses, the stickiness keeps the gloss on your lips rather than on your glass or straw. For me, this had previously been unheard of, and now I have to reevaluate my opinion of lipgloss. Identity crisis.

The final cosmetic product was a 30ml sample of Green People Intensive Repair Shampoo. I’ve tried a few of their products in the past and had their deodorant and shower gel in my hospital bag. So far, I’ve loved all of their products and I’m excited to try this, too!

The VeganKind also included an own-brand button mirror. I love this and it will be staying in my handbag!

What are your favourite vegan makeup brands? I’d love to know as I’m always looking for new things to try!