Liverpool | Bold Street Coffee

This year, I’ve made it my goal to visit more of Liverpool’s independent shops, restaurants and cafes. Their number has drastically increased over the last two years or so, and we now have a vibrant community of independents, which I don’t choose to visit often enough. This week, Isla and met with our friend Jo to catch up, and decided we give Bold Street Coffee a try!


It’s a relatively small cafe near the top end of Bold Street, with a lovely clean, minimalist interior concept and amazing artwork on the walls, which Isla loved staring at. While it isn’t huge, there was ample space to fit a pram, and free wifi! 

I ordered a soya hot chocolate and avocado chili toast, which was conveniently marked as vegan in huge letters on their breakfast menu. The menu, by the way, is printed on huge pieces of paper and hung up on the wall. The selection is relatively small, but I didn’t mind. Give me some avocado on high-quality bread and I’m happy. And could we take a moment to admire the latte art on my hot chocolate? No one has ever gone to that level of effort for my hot drink before.

It’s safe to say I love this place, and we’ll be back soon!