#EvolvingCities | Five Amazing Places Outside of Liverpool’s City Centre

Royal Liver Building then and now

Source: Travelodge/#EvolvingCities

As most of you know, I came to Liverpool to study and stayed because I fell in love – with a boy and with the city. After leaving the city centre in my second year of university, I started discovering all the amazing places the city has to offer away from manic L1, and when I was approached to share Travelodge‘s #EvolvingCities project with you, I just knew that it was time to share some of my favourites.

Before we begin, you should have a quick look at the #EvolvingCities page for Liverpool – you can find it by clicking the picture or link above. It features some amazing images comparing Liverpool’s landmarks past and present, and I had way too much fun playing with the image sliders! But now, in no particular order, my five favourite non-city-centre places to visit in Liverpool!

1. Sefton Park

Starting with the most obvious, Sefton Park is Liverpool’s showcase outdoor space. Featuring two cafes, a large lake, a palmhouse and a playground and playing host to various races, it’s a favourite among families, runners and dog-walkers. There’s almost always something going on, so if you’re planning a visit to Liverpool, it’s worth visiting if you fancy a day in the sun!

2. Lark Lane

Situated right next to Sefton Park, Lark Lane is something of an independent Mecca. There are antiques shops, barbers, convenience stores and Oh. My. God. The. Food. Almost every restaurant caters to vegans. If it’s warm out or you’re cold-blooded, it’s really worth finding the somewhat hidden Greendays Cafe – it was freezing cold when we visited but their coffee is to die for and they made us a delicious fresh batch of vegan pancakes right there!). I would happily eat my way down the entire street. Particular favourites include Milo Lounge (although their service is very hit-and-miss) and Esteban’s.

3. Otterspool Promenade

One of my favourite running routes, Otterspool Prom is a gem I discovered rather late. It appears that many others are in the same situation, as it’s rarely overcrowded. It’s a beautiful stretch from the southern end of Aigburth all the way to the city centre, partly running alongside Otterspool Park. I believe you can park near the actual park, but careful, that lot gets very full!

4. Calderstone’s Park

Smaller than Sefton Park, Calderstone’s is my favourite outdoor space. There’s lots of shade, a lake (which you can’t access, I think there may have been problems with algae at some point…?), and The Reader organisation have a cafe and an ice cream parlour. Both outlets have vegan options available (most of the time) and are far superior to Sefton Park’s culinary offerings.

5. Woolton Village

I have to admit, I only discovered Woolton about a year ago. In that time, however, it has become my favourite part of the city. It has a small cinema (which I have yet to visit, but I hear it’s amazing), the world’s greatest cafe, which is The Old Hardware Shop, a whole host of other eateries, a bunch of independent businesses and a Sainsbury’s. I know, the latter isn’t particularly revolutionary, but they have Coconut FroYo. It’s also home to the famous defunct Woolton Baths, where John Lennon supposedly learnt to swim, and the church where The Beatles used to play when they were still The Quarrymen, although I have inconveniently forgotten its name. 

Are you going to visit any of these places during your next trip to Liverpool? If so, let me know what you though!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are my own, as always.