Beauty | The VeganKind Beauty Box 7

May means The VeganKind beauty box time! I know it’s now July, and the next box will be coming out in a month’s time, but I’m a bit behind with blogging as I have so many other things to do now that sitting down for half an hour to put together a post is almost impossible, let alone taking pictures. I don’t want to fill the blog up with low-quality filler content, so infrequent posting it is for the time being! 

This month’s box was beautifully curated for spring. The colours, scents and ingredients of the products are perfect for the warmer months and I’ve really enjoyed using most of them.

First up was a Grounded hair mask. I have to be honest, this was the first product from a TVK Beauty Box that I really didn’t like. I followed the instructions on the pack, but ended up having to shampoo my hair three times afterwards to keep it from looking like a greasy mess. It was nice and soft once I finally managed to get the product out, though.

PHB Anti-Aging Eye Gel was next. I’ve only tried this once, but I feel like I should probably start using it a lot more, since motherhood seems to have aged me a fair bit. It was very easy to apply and my skin was soft and moisturised afterwards.

My absolute favourite item in the box was the Fairypants lip scrub. It smells exactly like lemon drizzle cake and leaves your mouth beautifully exfoliated. 

The only real ‘makeup’-type product in the box was a little tub of loose pigment by AlvaI have yet to give this a whirl, but the colour looks beautiful and it’s supposed to be really versatile!

Finally, there was a sachet of Twa Burds rose epsom salts. I used this almost immediately and it was absolutely perfect! The smell was luxurious, floral and relaxing, and the epsom salts helped with my permanently aching muscles which, between running, lifting and carrying around a 20-pound baby, never get a rest anymore.

Overall, this was a fantastic box, and I can’t wait to see what next month brings!