Liverpool | Lush Spa Christmas Blogging Event

This year, I was really lucky and managed to snag an invitation to the Liverpool LUSH Christmas Bloggers Event. I can’t even tell you how excited I was! I was a little nervous, as I’ve never attended one of their events before, but if you’ve ever been to any LUSH shop you know that the staff are the absolute best at making you feel welcome and at home, so there was absolutely zero awkwardness involved. 

We were divided into groups (I was in Uninhibited – just as well, really!), and were taken around four stations: Knot Wraps, Bath Bombs, Makeup and a Spa tour. First, we learnt to wrap up various LUSH items in their signature Knot Wrap packaging, which was one of my favourite parts of the evening. While being offered Mince Pies (including a vegan version!), juice and mulled wine, we learnt all about the ethical background of using these wraps as packaging, and the proceeded to watch a demonstration of different wrapping (or knotting…) methods. I’ve always been a bit intimidated by LUSH’s Knot Wraps, but after seeing them in action, I really like them. Because they can be used again and again, they’re a far greener alternative to regular gift wrap, and they make killer blog photography backdrops, too ;).

We also got to choose a bath bomb to receive a demonstration of: out group chose Never Mind The Ballistics, which impressed me so much that I promptly purchased it. Just look at the beautiful swirls of colour in the photo above! We then moved on to Makeup, which was interesting for me, as I’ve never used any of the products before. They’re all vegan and there are some brilliant colours to be found, so I’m really tempted to give them a go. Maybe one of their skin tints? Do you use LUSH makeup? If so, which are your favourite products? I can’t decide where to start!

Finally, we were given a tour of the Spa – I have never been before, but it’s breathtakingly beautiful. I’m tempted to save up for one of their treatments, as they all sounded like such unique experiences and I love a nice spa trip. Have you ever had one? As above, recommendations are welcome!

Finally, we had a little bit of time to do some shopping, which I took full advantage of. I bought some of my favourite Christmas items, especially since Isla loves her baths, and really enjoyed having the calm store around me at a time of year that’s usually absolutely nuts! Upon leaving, we were given a goodie bag with some products to try, which I’ll feature separately very soon! Now, how many christmas gifts do you reckon I can knot wrap this year…?