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20th March 2010: Brighton Eco Veggie Fayre

Brighton Eco Fayre

Not long now until the Brighton Eco Fayre, which is err… in Brighton…

Some featured events include:

Cookery demos with Tony Bishop Weston:

Tony’s recent vegan cookery book has sold out in record time and the man himself is on hand at the show with a varity of excellent recipes up his sleeve, ranging from Kids Cookery classes right up to advanced veggie Cordon Bleu.

The Great Debate – ‘Is 100% raw vegan truly the optimum diet ?’

Is the 100% raw vegan diet the optimum lifestyle choice? We ask the question during our Great Debate at 4pm in the entertainments hall. A variety of experts argue for and against, and the audience is invited to share their experiences and help answer the question – is 100% raw vegan truly the optimum diet?
Our panel of experts includes raw vegan Savate Kickbox champion James Southwood, and Dr Stephen Walsh for The Vegan Society.

Global Food Security + Livestock Farming:

Livestock farming is dramatically affecting Global Food Security, in particular in developing countries, and in our keynote speech at 1pm, Dr Stephen Walsh from the Vegan Society presents a compelling and well researched case for moving to a plant based diet to preserve global food security. This is a really excellent talk and one that we recomend our visitors to visit and learn!

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