Niki on the telly, yet again !

Channel 4 will be repeating the Liverpool installment of the Come Dine With Me tv show all this week at 2pm. Niki’s starring role will appear on Wednesday. – But in case you miss it you can watch it again on ScouseVeg TeeVee » Previous CDWM coverage

Niki on the Telly again !

Channel 4 repeated the Liverpool week of Come Dine With Me on Sunday [Previous coverage here] and as a result the website got load of hits, comments and emails for Lidipool’s most famous ScouseVegan. Excepts from some of the comments and mails: Alex wrote… “Just wanted to say a big thanks, this web site is […]

Niki On The Telly – All This Week !

As previously mentioned Niki (seen below with her showbiz friend Gordon T Gopher) will be appearing on telly all this week in a daily cookery show on Channel 4. Come Dine With Me 4.30 – 5pm every day.

Niki’s Media Domination Continues…

I’ve said before… if she’s left unchecked Niki will take over the world… (For those of you who have just joined us). A long time ago in a Channel 4 far away, there lived a telly programme called: “Come Dine With Me”. Now this TV show was originally done over 5 episodes at about half […]

Niki On The Radio

Her quest for world media domination continues ! After her telly and newspaper appearances, another medium is captured by one of our own when Niki O’Leary took to the radio last Saturday (March 29th) morning as a guest news reviewer on Simon O’Brien’s radio show on City Talk 105.9 FM: You can listen again to […]

A quick note from Niki

We got a ton of comments and emails after Niki’s repeat appearance on Come Dine With Me last Sunday. A message from the vegon (that Terry !) herself » ‘Thank you to everyone who posted in relation to my appearance on Come Dine With Me! glad its had another positive response! cheers Niki :0) ‘ […]

Forwards From Niki

Don’t forget that ScouseVeg started off as and still has the ScouseVeg Mailing/Discussion List. It is a place where all vegetarians and vegans can talk about anything. It doesn’t matter if you are not in the Liverpool or Merseyside area, if you are a veggie or vegan and have an affinity for Scouseland then get […]

A Note From Niki

Liverpool’s latest telly star has sent a message » Just want to thank everyone who tuned in and to all the people who sent lovely supportive emails, my main reason for doing the programme was to make people aware of vegan issues and encourage everyone to try something different!! love and hugs, for the animals…. […]

Niki’s Starring Role

Today’s the day ! From 4.30 to 5pm make sure you are in front of the telly and switched to Channel 4 to see ScouseVeg’s very own Niki O’Leary taking her turn as host on Come Dine With Me. Niki will be creating a three course vegan mean for the other contestants. » View all […]

ScouseVeg TeeVee

For those who are not familiar: Scouseveg was founded by Niki O’Leary and her sister Jane back in 2001, the group is now run by Niki (now James) and her husband Pete. In 2006 Channel 4 did a Liverpool week for Come Dine With Me (CDWM) and our Niki took part. After her appearance – […]