A Well-Fed World & Feed More International

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A Well-Fed World

A Well-Fed World is a food justice and animal protection organization working with individuals, social justice groups, and global leaders to mend our food system in a way that better feeds families and saves animals. In an increasingly populous world, animal-free foods are an efficient, environmentally-friendly and nutritious way to create a healthier, well-fed our world for all.

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Feed More International

Feed More International (FMI) is our new gift-giving campaign that feeds people without harming animals.

Instead of using a “gift-pig” as food from a group like Heifer International, your gift will save that pig by supporting “on-the-ground” animal-free hunger relief projects. Both those that provide immediate assistance and those that provide long-term community solutions.

About the Name

The name, Feed More International, is derived from the fact that plant-based diets are more efficient and “feed more” people directly than when used as animal feed.

Plant-based foods and animal-free agriculture also “feed more” people who are too poor to pay for animal feed or medical care, as well as feeding people in areas that are not conducive to rearing animals, such as cities and certain geographical zones.

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