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The ScouseVeggies at the Egg Cafe

We meet the first Friday of every month at the Egg Cafe in Liverpool in the City centre as a regular event but we also try to do other events throughout the year, other Scouseveg members arrange meet ups and various events throughout the year which has proved popular. As well as this website we also have a lively Facebook group, please feel free to join.

If people are interested in campaigning we can also point them in the right direction as we work closely with Merseyside Animal Rights who organise or attend many demonstrations either in Liverpool or across the UK.

Thanks for dropping by and checking us out, if you have any comments or suggestions about this website please feel free to Contact us here:

9 thoughts on “About ScouseVeg

  1. Hi Niki, seems everyone found your curry finger licking good, You certainly ‘converted’ me.
    For a good variety on Vegan food and sweets you may want to visit the Hare Krsna kitchens. They don’t use pungents (but still manage to add flavour) and they do use milk (which I know you don’t ‘approve’ of, but they offer a wide and diverse variety of tasty and great looking Vegan dishes. Enjoy!

  2. Sorry folks ,I dont live in Liverpool but i have been Veggie for 28 years now and its nice to see we are growing in numbers (both Veggie and Vegan ).Keep up the Good work.

  3. Left Liverpool 1980 and now living in Suffolk. My husband and I still talk about The Armodillo which we regularly frequented :does anyone remember it ??

  4. Yes I remember the Armadillo – steamy and warm in the winter with huge wooden tables – used to hang out there and at the Cafe Tabac which had some nice veggie food too and a beautiful guy to take orders. I left Liverpool in 1984 – remember “food for thought” on Hardman Street – stocked vegetarian things and had a printing press downstairs but that closed down before I left – Everyman was good for vegetarian food too.

  5. Dear Jane and Niki,
    how are you both i was once both your friend many years ago. from millingtons dance school to going to concerts Wham. i have been try to find Jane for many years. i would like to hear from you how is your dad these days remember you lived top merton road x
    Regards Joanne Lawler

  6. Hello,

    I ‘m a research assistant at Leeds Met University and we’re doing a research project with Planet V at the moment. We’re looking for people who follow a vegetarian/vegan diet to complete our survey. It only takes 5 minutes. We would really appreciate any help in publicising it.


    Kind regards,

  7. “Our Nan’s Kitchen” has just opened in Wavertree (July 2017) – I’m pretty certain that we’re the only place in Liverpool which offers a delivery service on our vegan Blind Scouse. We also do a rather awesome “fruit & nut chilli” and a “quinoa, sweet potato & peanut roast”.

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