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  1. Hello everyone, Ive been a member of the group for a good few years but not very active. I have recently just finished reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and would like to introduce it to those who may not have heard about it and get a perspective on it from those who have.

    In a nutshell it is a large population study on the effects on an animal based diet on numerous health parameters such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune illness and cancers. It compares those populations on a predominantly animal based diet (Western countries) to those on a predominantly plant based diet (China) and reveals startling association between the prevalence of the above mentioned conditions. It even shows angiographically demonstrated statistically significant reversal of heart disease in those who have switched to a plant based diet after suffering from a heart attack. All the references to the journals are listed. The book examines animal based studies which also support the theory that a plant based diet is more conducive to better health than an animal based diet.

    Please see for a brief summary. The book also examines the reasons as to why this information is not made public.

    I would just like to hear peoples opinions (whatever form they take) regarding the study if anyone has read the book.

    Also, I would like to bring to peoples attention the Earthlings video that can easily be watched on You Tube. Im sure most of you are aware of it but I dont want to miss an opportunity to promote it. If only one person who reads this watches it on youtube it will be worth it because they will tell others to. My brother is organising a screening in London and I would like to do the same in Liverpool if anyone would be interested in helping me do this it would be great.

    Look forward to hearing from yous, sorry for the long post, Bhamini x

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