Apps To Be Vegan

The most excellent tech site Make Use Of posted an article on five iPhone apps to help you with a Vegan Lifestyle.

We’ve investigated these apps and most are a letdown, but this one we found interesting:

App - Be VeganBe Vegan is developed by Vegan Los Angeles and it has ideal vegan recipes and articles about the vegan lifestyle. As well as items about animals, science and related news..

It is American-centric (obviously) but the information is good and you will spend time browsing this.

It’s a free app so… what have you got to lose.

Vegan with a vengeance– There is another excellent app called A Complete Cookbook: Vegan With A Vengeance which does as it says on the tin. Unlike the above this app costs, and it a bit of a cost at £5.49, but what you get is an iPhone/iPod/iPad app version of the best selling book * All the recipes and photos, everything.

(There’s a note on the Amazon UK page for the book that recommends you buy the USA version of the book – if you want to purchase the book instead – because the UK version doesn’t have the pictures. But the app does.) Again it is American-centric with eggplant instead of aubergine, but realistically nearly all the apps are developed by the people/companies in the U.S.A, sadly.

Do you know of, or use a useful app ? Let us know…

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