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As some of you maybe aware it’s getting easier for veggies and vegans to get their fill of make up cosmetics and body care products from the net, the world wide web has opened up a whole host of products now available without animal testing and animal ingredients.

It’s good to know that with the likes of Lush and Barry M products you can now shop with ease on the high street also we here at ScouseVeg have decided to get together a buddle of links to various websites of companies offering the above and we hope you find it most useful.

Obviously things change so we cannot be responsible for any changes to ingredients but will do our best to keep up to date.

Not all products will be vegan, please check before ordering or if your unsure about any ingredients.

Some recommendations:

Beauty Therapy by Debra O’Brian

457 Hoylake Road
CH46 6DQ

“We specialise in natural face and body treatments, including massage and complementary therapies. we do not make false claims or promises, we take a realistic view of what the treatments offer.

We only employ highly qualified and skilled therapists, selected for their caring approach and commitment to our natural methods.

Our exclusive plant based products are cruelty free and do not contain any harsh or reactive chemicals. we aim to make your salon experience a pleasurable and relaxing one.

We offer many treatments like pharmagel facials, hot stone therapy, body polish, men’s treatments, sparitual nail treatments, St Tropex tanning treatment to holiday packages.

All treatments are suitable for vegans, with Debra herself being vegan.”

Do you know of any good online stores ? Or want to be linked on here ?
Contact us with the details...

Update Feb 13th 2007 – Note from Niki:

– For those who wear glitter products and make up:
At the weekend I was told by another vegan lass that there was a fab make up company called Urban Decay. They do a vast make up range and loads of glitter products like eye shadow and glitter eye liner.

check their range out at

They have a section on vegan products and don’t test on animals :0)

11 thoughts on “Beauty And All That Jazz

  1. If Barry M stands for Barry Marsh, previouslly of potters bar and has a sister called amanda. Hello from keith. Long time no see. Love to hear from you again before we both reach the big 60 !! Best wishes. Keith Baker.

  2. Hey, I was shopping today and saw some skin care and eye make up remover products in superdrug called amie, its suitable for vegans except the clay mask which says it contains beewax, but its all labled which really helps : )x

  3. Hi, I was in Superdrug today and noticed that all their new own brand products clearly state whether they are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans and that they are against animal testing! So I bought a load of stuff from there today!! 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Just to let you all know that the shop Dragon Indulgence has moved from Grand Central hall to a new and bigger shop.
    You can now find us at
    Gostins Shopping Arcade
    3-36 Hanover Street
    L1 4LN
    With the shop being bigger we will be able to stock more vegan and vegetarian chocolate, sweets and other things.
    See you there.
    Dragon Indulgence

  5. Hi lonely vegan soon to be moving back to the ‘pool . happen to have M.s. Guess being a vegan has helped my illness. My Wish is to go and party ….Also need support for quick vegan snacks and soups that i can do without a support worker . help .

  6. I believe Origins is mostly vegan. Their products are not tested on animals and contain no animal products except for a few products which contain honey and or beeswax!

    They do foundation, face masks, cleanser etc.

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