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Freya Luna Try Me Selection BoxFreya Luna Shine Control Freya Luna Skincare Freya Luna Freya Lune Ban the Blemish Freya Lune Bath ProductsI often complain about my tricky skin on the blog and all over my social media channels, and have mentioned several times before that I have yet to find a miracle product to cure my dry patches and frequent spots.

After Freya Luna were featured multiple times in my beloved TheVeganKind subscription boxes, I decided to order the brand’s Try Me Selection Box. You choose up to five skincare products, and Sami, the wonderful person who runs Freya Luna, will add another three products based on what you tell her about you and your skin. As the company put it, you’re effectively getting a skin consultation for £14.95, plus shipping.

I initially asked for four of the Ban the Blemish products, as my skin is acne-prone, but not particularly oily. I also mentioned that my skin problems are exacerbated by stress. Sami added two products from the Shine Control series and two relaxing bath products to my parcel. Although my skin isn’t particularly oily, she said that the Shine Control items may help to balance out my skin, and the bath products were obviously included to help relieve stress.

I’ve now tried all of the products and, if I’m honest, love them all. The only thing I wouldn’t repurchase is the Intensive Blemish Gel, as the most effective emergency spot treatment for me has always been tea tree oil, and I’ve never had any complaints about it. I was surprised to find that my skin reacted a little better to the Shine Control products than the Ban The Blemish items. That just goes to show that the opinion of a professional is always worth listening to! I’m planning to buy some of the series’ full-size items once I get paid, as skin takes a while to get used to a new product and I’d like to give them a longer test-run.

While my spots haven’t miraculously cleared up, my skin is definitely happier and smoother, and I think these Freya Luna products are worth the investment! If you’re on the fence, I highly recommend the selection box. Being able to try a few different products and getting an expert opinion is an invaluable service when you’re trying to find the right skincare!

What are your natural skincare go-to products?



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