Beauty | LUSH Imperialis Moisturiser

 LUSH Imperialis Vegan Moisturiser.JPGAfter recently posting about LUSH‘s Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, I’d like to introduce you to my go-to moisturiser as well. I’ve mentioned lots of times that I have really awkward skin, and pregnancy hasn’t helped that at all. In a moisturiser, I look for a product that will soothe and hydrate my sensitive and dry areas without giving extra ammunition to my already-too-frequent breakouts. Enter Imperialis.


At £13.50 a pot, this moisturiser is a fair bit more expensive than a drugstore option, but ranks at the lower end of the LUSH moisturiser price end. I find that one of the classic black pots lasts me around 4 months when used daily in the morning and evening, although it’s been a little less in the last few months as my skin has been extra dry and I’ve been applying a little more.

Imperialis has proven to be excellent at balancing out my skin – as I mentioned above, I’m prone to breakouts, but my skin is also often very dry and feels tight and dry. Using the cream immediately makes my face feel more hydrated and less strained, and I have been experiencing far fewer breakouts using Imperialis compared to using other moisturisers strong enough to provide relief from the dryness. 

For me, this product provides the perfect balance. I’ve tried lots and lots of different moisturisers over the years, any many of them were great for a few weeks before my skin got used to them and they lost their effectiveness. I’ve been using Imperialis for several months now and have noticed no such phenomenon, so my fingers are crossed that I’ve finally found the right product for my skin! I’m just hoping that my skin doesn’t change completely again once the baby is born!

Have you got difficult skin? What products do you use to control it?