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Superdrug Mud MasksDuring a recent browse through Superdrug, I found a whole array of Mud Masks marked as suitable for vegans! As they were 2 for £3.50, I picked up both a Witch Hazel and a Superberry version.

The Witch Hazel Mud Mask is supposed to be for oily, spotty skin, and we all know by now that I really struggle with spots. I’ve been using this regularly whenever I feel like a breakout is coming on and my skin needs some anti-bacterial care to soothe the redness and reduce any swelling. I always feel immediate relief after using this mask. Although it doesn’t make my spots disappear, it does reduce the discomfort and greatly improves the appearance of my skin!

The second mask, Superberry, is marketed towards all skin types. It’s supposed to be brightening, which I felt was appropriate because I’ve recently noticed that my skin easily gets dull. Again, this isn’t a magic cure, but, after using it, I do notice a difference. My face seems a little clearer, more even and more refined.

As I said, these mud masks aren’t miracle cures for skin problems, but they’re absolutely perfect for a quick fix. And, for £2.59 each (when they’re not on a deal), they’ll definitely become staple items in my bathroom!

Have you tried Superdrug‘s mud masks? Which variety did you try?



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