Because Vegetarianism Was So Last Year…

Fruitarian logo Ever though about a strictly fruit diet ? Fruitarianism is….

“The Fruitarian lifestyle includes avoiding all cooked food and consider it non healthy for the individual and pollutant to the environment, causing unbalanced nutrition, all kinds of disease, mood swings, cravings for synthetic nutrients and chemicals, decrease of vitality, loss of external beauty and loss of inner happiness, depreciation for life and lack of wisdom. All of these consequences we can identify very well in modern civilized societies!

Cooked food eating creates physical and emotional addiction to the person who eats it… weakens the immune system, makes people grow and look older and develops serious illnesses over time, it also makes societies to develop habits and economic structures that are pollutant to the environment destroying life and the life supporting mechanisms of our planet!

By eating only raw fruit, the fruitarian is free from all bad consequences of cooked food addiction…”

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