Breakfast At The Egg

Breakfast at the EggOne of the favourite hangouts for all Scouse Veggie’s is the Egg Cafe, on Newington Street.
The Egg is where the monthly ScouseVeg get-together takes place, which in recent months has got very popular. (The next one is the 1st Friday in January).

A personal endorsement from me – The food at the Egg is wonderful. Huge portions ! (oo-err missus !) and now they will be opening from 9 o’clock every week day morning from next week [18th December].
Got a day off ? Room for a big breakfast ?

Jim Lakey sent this mouth watering message to the ScouseVeg Mailing List:

Hello everyone,

Just to let you all know that as of this week, the Egg Café is opening from 9am every weekday morning with a new menu. The weekends continue to start at 10am. It would be great to see some Scouseveggers coming in for their morning egg or tofu scramble and coffee!

The new menu is as follows…

* Muesli (served with seasonal fruits and soy yoghurt or soy/dairy milk)
* Seasonal fruit bowl (served with soy yoghurt and honey / maple syrup)
* Scrambled egg / tofu (vegan) on toast
* Herb Omelette
* Full breakfast (with vegan option)
* American-style pancakes (vegan. served with butter / soy marg and maple
* French toast (served with maple syrup. Vegan version available)
* Smoothie (banana, orange juice and seasonal berries)
* Toast and jam (vegan option available)

All of the eggs we use in the café are now guaranteed free range, and apart
from the omelette, all breakfast items are now vegan friendly.

Hopefully see some of you soon!

Jim Lakey


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