Cheers To You Jane !

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ScouseVeggies gather ! Pic by Matt

UPDATE: Another photo – the above picture taken by Matt. Cheers for this !

Jane, one of the organisers of ScouseVeg recently moved to Switzerland. This means that she obviously can’t attend any more of the the Monthly Meetings at The Egg Cafe. So at the last get-together I asked if someone could take some photos so that Jane can see what she’s missing !

Thanks to Carrina from Nature’s Boutique who attended the last meeting last Friday for these pics which she posted on our ScouseVeg Facebook Group. Mirrored here:

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The ScouseVeg meetings take place on the first Friday of every month and everybody is welcome !

Save Me By Saying Bollocks

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Save Me - How will you vote ?

Bollocks to Blood Sports!

30TH April 2010

Sharon Osbourne, Peter Kay, Al Murray and a host of other celebrities have joined Queen guitarist, Brian May, to say ‘Bollocks to the Economy’ in a bid to force the issue of fox-hunting and blood sports onto the political agenda in the run-up to next week’s election.

The wide range of celebs – from the world of TV, music and comedy – have all played a part in the tongue-in-cheek video that pokes fun at the three Party leaders’ failure to get to grips with the economy and calls on the public to use their vote to support the fox-hunting ban.

‘Bollocks to the Economy’ – available to view now on Youtube [below] – forms part of Brian May’s ‘Save Me’ campaign to prevent the return of legalised blood sports in the British countryside.

Brian May said: “This video is meant to be fun, but of course there is a very serious message behind it. If the Conservatives are elected to power, fox-hunting, hare coursing and stag hunting will soon again be legal. These barbaric blood sports have no place in today’s society, and the Save Me campaign urges everyone to make their vote count – for our native animals. Save Me says – For God’s sake, don’t give David Cameron the power to bring back this cruelty.”



Stop the Tories from starting the hunt again

Additional – via The Guardian:

Hunting ban should be repealed early in Conservative government, says Tory MP

“Tory credibility would be shot to pieces if party does not fulfil bloodsports pledge quickly, Daniel Kawczynski claims in video”

The ban on bloodsports should be repealed in the early months of an incoming Conservative government, according to a Tory MP featured in a pro-hunting video.

The comments by the Conservative candidate for Shrewsbury and Atcham, Daniel Kawczynski, suggest the issue should be given greater priority than is official party policy.

His remarks, made in a video for the pro-hunting group Vote OK, have emerged as the organisation mobilises thousands of supporters to deliver leaflets backing MPs who favour the return of hunting wild mammals with dogs.

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Lots more articles.


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Message from QueerVeg – Merseyside:

Hello !

QueerVeg is a social group for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, transgendered and/or Queer) Vegans and vegetarians in Merseyside!

We meet on the second Saturday of each month, at 8pm in the Egg Cafe, to eat, drink and be merry, in a nice chilled out Queer atmosphere.

For more info:

email on:

Phone on: 07859 208 599

Or find us on Facebook! Just search “QueerVeg” and Look for Gus the super-Asparagus!

See you at dinner!

QueerVeg - Gus the super asparagus

Their Facebook page is here:

Sat 24th April 2010 – World Day for Animals in Labs

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World Day For Animals in Labs

On Saturday April 24th 2010 campaigners from across the country, as well as many from overseas, will be gathering in London to mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories. April 24th is a UN recognised date to remember the many millions of animals worldwide who are tormented and killed in experiments each year.

The day will begin with a rally in Cavendish Square, near Oxford Circus, in Central London. Here there will be speeches, info stalls and vegan food and refreshments. Later at around 1.30pm the march will set off through the centre of London, past some of the busiest places in the world such as Oxford Circus, Regent St, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square, taking the anti-vivisection message to tens of thousands of people. Then onto Whitehall, and past Downing St and to the Houses of Parliament where we will be calling for an end to all animal experiments once and for all.

More info:

An Invitation To The Spring Ball

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The Spring Ball in aid of Freshfields Rescue Cattery - click to view larger

Spring Ball in aid of Freshfields Rescue Cattery - click to view full image

A date for your diary, we hope you can attend.

A Spring Ball is being held on Saturday 17th April at the Formby British Legion in aid of Freshfields Rescue Cattery.

This will be a full tie and tails (!) affair which you’ll dress up to the nines to dance away the night to the cool swinging sounds of Martin Taylor as he covers The Rat Pack with tunes from Nat King Cole, Sinatra and others.

Tickets cost £15 each and for that you get a gourmet buffet, charity raffle and live cabaret entertainment with a disco until midnight. All proceeds will go to the Freshfields Rescue Cattery.

You can buy tickets directly from the Freshfields charity shop locations listed below:

Freshfields charity shop locations

Formby Times news article

Freshfields Rescue Cattery

Click to view the full poster

Compassion In The Kitchen

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Thanks to Hannah for spotting this.

Compassion in the Kitchen

Via Quaker Concern For Animals:

The Compassion in the Kitchen team comprises of three practising Buddhists who, having previously run successful retreats, decided to run several this year, starting May 14-16, at Anybody’s Barn near Malvern in Gloucestershire.

The event will feature hands-on, planet-friendly cooking with Jane Easton, seasoned with mindfulness meditation, workshops and study led by Barry Hill (Achintya) and Birgit Muller. You get to cook and eat tasty, animal-free recipes to support your care for the world, whatever your current dietary persuasion.

They welcome anyone who has some experience of meditation or sitting quietly.

Please see and click on Events/CITK Events/Bookings.

Or phone 0786 751 4118


Neutering Animals In Sefton

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Dog and cat

An Appeal:

On Sunday 28th March five people from the North West will be taking part in the Liverpool half marathon to raise money for a new project called Neutering Animals In Sefton.

In the UK at least 30,000 dogs are destroyed every year and in the North West we have one of the worst areas in the country.

As a group we have over 10 years experience in animal rescue work and from that we have learnt that neutering is the one thing we can do to combat this problem.

Our aim is to offer people of Merseyside on low incomes affordable neutering for their pets, including transport to and from the vet.

We aim for this race to raise £1000 so are asking people to donate what they can to help us reach our target.

Please email me for info on how to donate: ernestjosephuk [at]

Thanks for your support,
Neutering Animals In Sefton.

20th March 2010: Brighton Eco Veggie Fayre

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Brighton Eco Fayre

Not long now until the Brighton Eco Fayre, which is err… in Brighton…

Some featured events include:

Cookery demos with Tony Bishop Weston:

Tony’s recent vegan cookery book has sold out in record time and the man himself is on hand at the show with a varity of excellent recipes up his sleeve, ranging from Kids Cookery classes right up to advanced veggie Cordon Bleu.

The Great Debate – ‘Is 100% raw vegan truly the optimum diet ?’

Is the 100% raw vegan diet the optimum lifestyle choice? We ask the question during our Great Debate at 4pm in the entertainments hall. A variety of experts argue for and against, and the audience is invited to share their experiences and help answer the question – is 100% raw vegan truly the optimum diet?
Our panel of experts includes raw vegan Savate Kickbox champion James Southwood, and Dr Stephen Walsh for The Vegan Society.

Global Food Security + Livestock Farming:

Livestock farming is dramatically affecting Global Food Security, in particular in developing countries, and in our keynote speech at 1pm, Dr Stephen Walsh from the Vegan Society presents a compelling and well researched case for moving to a plant based diet to preserve global food security. This is a really excellent talk and one that we recomend our visitors to visit and learn!

More info:

The Second Annual Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale

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vegan bake sale 2010

Time to bake some muffins people:

Hi, this is Gary Loewenthal from Compassion for Animals, a Washington, DC-area grassroots animal advocacy group ( – perpetually under construction). I wanted to invite you to participate in the second annual Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, April 24 through May 2, 2010 (

The idea is simple: Groups across the globe hold vegan bake sales during that period. Participating groups can do whatever they want with the proceeds. Compassion for Animals is coordinating global publicity for the event, and will leverage the event to get positive mainstream press about all the bake sales and about the health, environmental, and ethical benefits of a plant-based diet.

In 2009, a hundred groups on four continents participated, raising the equivalent of over 25,000 euros for river cleanups, cancer patients, animal shelters, farm sanctuaries – you name it. They also introduced thousands of people to the deliciousness amd diversity of vegan baked goods. And had a lot of fun! 2009 highights are HERE. We hope to double the number of participants and money raised this year.

We’re very appreciative of ScouseVeg promoting the event last year; undoubtedly that was one of the reasons for such awesome UK representation.

You may be able to get funding for your bake sale! Details are here:

If you’re seriously interested in getting a bake sale together but need more volunteers, consider checking out the Post Punk Kitchen (PPK) Forum, specifically this section: Some bake sales were formed last year as a result of PPK collaborations.

There’s much more information at The sign-up form CAN BE FOUND HERE. For questions, or to sign up if you hate forms, please contact We’re also on Facebook, and on twitter as wwveganbakesale.

We hope that this is an exciting and fulfilling way to raise funds and to be part of something bigger which could help the earth, animals, and humans.

It’s cold outside…

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…So treat yourself to a free vegan roast and animal-friendly shopping:

Liverpool Christmas Vegan Fayre

Saturday December 5th, 12 – 4pm @ Old Police Station, Lark Lane

Xmas Vegan Fayre

Forget about cold weather and the credit crunch and head to Lark Lane on December 5th for Merseyside Animal Right’s annual Christmas Food Fayre.

With all proceeds going to local animal rescue centres, there’s no better way to enjoy the countdown to Christmas.

From 1-3pm, MAR is cooking up a free vegan roast dinner; guaranteed to keep out the big chill and give you a taste of how delicious meat and dairy-free food can be. If you’d prefer to snack as you shop, take advantage of our famous vegan buffet – it won’t cost you a penny and there’ll be someone on hand to pass on the recipes.

Remember to bring along your Christmas shopping list and tick off those gifts one by one as you browse stalls filled with unique, cruelty free goodies.

Mix in a tombola and prize-laden raffle, and you really do have the perfect winter warmer for animal lovers, foodies and shopaholics alike!

More info:

With special thanks to the following companies for their kind donation to the vegan fayre:

Beanie’s Health Foods –
Plamil –
Redwoods –
FeelGood Handbags –
Jingus –
Humdingerfoods –
Hipo Hyfryd –
Bute Island Foods –
Unicorn Grocery –
Alternative – –