Mr Johnny Silver…

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…or Dr. Winston O’Boogie, Joel Nohnn, John O’Caen, Dr. Winston O’Reggae, Dr. Winston O’Ghurkin, Rev. Thumbs Ghurkin, Rev. Fred Ghurkin, Hon. John St. John Johnson, Kaptain Kundalini, Dr. Dream, Dwarf McDougal, Mel Tourment… whatever you want to call him…

Nigel Walley with a 17 year old Winnie Lennon

Pictured above with Nigel Walley is a 17-year old J Winnie Lennon

There’s a biopic coming out soon which looks at the early life of John in Liverpool. It’s called Nowhere Boy and will be on general release from December 26th.

The film is directed by Sam Taylor-Wood and with a screenplay by Matt Greenhalgh (who wrote the script for the 2007 Joy Division film ‘Control’) is about Lennon’s childhood and adolescence. It also stars Kensington born David Morrisey. The movie is based on the book ‘Imagine This: Growing Up With My Brother John Lennon’ by his half-sister, Julia Baird.


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Happy Mozza Day, Birthday !

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Mozza says no !

Nearing the end of this National Vegetarian Week which by fortuitous timing occurred during the celebration of Steven Patrick’s 50th birthday today. (Although I’m not sure the man himself will be looking forward to this milestone.)

We here at ScouseVeg want to extend our best to Mozza and wish him many happy returns with some music by him and about him:

– This is the B Side from Morrissey’s single I Want To Throw My Arms Around Paris and it features fellow famous musical veggie Chrissy Hynde on backing vocals:

Shame Is The Name:

…and one from Sandie Shaw, who you will remember Morrissey and Marr assisted back in 1986 on her attempted comeback.
– This is a track from a Janice Long session which Sandie sings…

Steven (You Don’t Eat Meat):

Captain Planet

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Updated: This cartoon was shown in the UK in the early 90’s (see comments below). More episodes to be featured here soon.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

It aired in America from 1990 – 1995 on TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) and the website MNN (Mother Nature Network) is posting the original episodes.

Wikipedia summary of Captain Planet:

“Captain Planet and the Planeteers is an American animated environmentalist television program, based on an idea by Ted Turner and produced by Andy Heyward, Robby London, Barbara Pyle and Nicholas Boxer. The series was developed and co-produced by Turner Program Services and DiC Entertainment and ran new episodes from September 10, 1990 until December 5, 1992. A sequel series, The New Adventures of Captain Planet, ran from three seasons and was produced by Turner Broadcasting and then-corporate sibling Hanna-Barbera Productions. Both programs continue today in syndication.

The program is a form of edutainment, which advocates the United Nations as an organization, and the concepts of globalism, multiculturalism, and environmentalism generally.”

Below is the full ep called: “Tree of Life” , which runs for 23 minutes.
If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing now the Mother Nature Network website has broken up the episode into 4 parts which can be found here.

Additional note about the above: The ScouseVeg website is maintained by a British Expat now living in the USA. The embedded video clips plays here but I’m not sure if it will be blocked in the UK. If the video does not play – please let me know.

Weekend Challenge – Songs About (Veggie) Food

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Throwing down the challenge hat with something that will keep you thinking over the weekend (and Monday). – Post in the comments below any songs that mentioned – vegetarian and/or vegan food obviously – in the song. Either the title or in the lyrics. And again obviously – anything with meat is not allowed.

I’ll get things started off with a song I spotted which inspired the post – From the Smashing Pumpkins:

Yet again, obviously… not vegan friendly, but Plamil sell Egg Free Mayonnaise – and there’s a recipe for Vegan Mayonnaise if you want to make it yourself.

– Next up is a very young Paul Young from 1978, with the band Streetband (just rollin’ out the clichés) on Top Of The Pops singing about Toast:

So now I’ve got it started. Post a suggestion in the comments below and if I can find the song to embed I’ll add it here.

Here are some places to start your searching:

The Hype Machine

Happy Birthday…

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… to Charles Darwin, who was born on February 12th, 1809.

Charles Darwin

Via Metafilter:

Dawkins on Darwin | A Peek into the Life of Darwin with Jon Amiel, Director of Creation | Six scientific hot spots for modern Darwins | ‘Why Evolution Is True,’ by Jerry A. Coyne

– Also, don’t forget the great In Our Time Special (4 episodes) with Melvyn Bragg.


… Happy Birthday as well to Abraham Lincoln, also born on February 12th, 1809.

Abe Lincoln - Gettysburg address

(He freed the slaves.)

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Now you’ve read all that go and take the BBC – Today quiz.

The Beatles – Happy Birthday:

The Future’s So Bright…

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…gotta wear shades…

That first video has been flying round the ‘web. The second one I tacked on because I thought of the song as soon as I saw the first.

Neither Scouse or Veg I know, just found it funny

Happy Birthday GingerAFOS !

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A musical interlude….Niki O - Telly star !

With a song from Saint Etienne (featuring the Charlatans lead singer Tim Burgess) called “I Was Born On Christmas Day”.

This is for our Niki who was !

Happy B’Day luv !

– You can find this and more Chrimbo related songs over at my day job on Football and Music.