Team 9 Mashups

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mash-up or mash·up (māsh'ŭp')
n. An audio recording that is a composite of samples from other recordings, usually from different musical styles.

Latest addition to the ScouseVeg Jukebox is a mashup done by team9.
They took Thom Yorke’s Black Swan and threw in a bit of The Beatles – Come Together:
[audio:] Note if you are listening in the office or in front of any kiddies – sweary lyrics from Thom

Lots more team9 mashup’s, including The White Stripes vs JayZ vs Queen (recommended) or how about Hard-Fi with a bit of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, some Flying Lizards and a bit of Abba thrown in…

Another sort of mashup. Some clever chappie created a video –
Audio is Black Swan. Visuals A Scanner Darkly :

Atoms For Peace

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The ScouseVeg Jukebox never really got off the ground… but starting January we’ll have another crack. If you have a song you want to hear then post a comment. (Shout out to Martin: I’ll do my best to get through the list and add some of your requests !)

But before any of that a track from Thom Yorke from the Eraser album:
Atoms For Peace


Related – Via The Guardian: The new grey whistle test

“… From the Basement was inspired in part by the Seventies and Eighties BBC show The Old Grey Whistle Test. ‘Talking Heads did “Psycho Killer” on it and the camera was so close on David Byrne that it felt like he was performing just for you.’ Godrich, who is known for his work with Radiohead, Beck and Paul McCartney, also wanted to replicate the ‘magic first take’ that bands habitually achieve at the start of his recording sessions. ‘These are always slightly imperfect, but for some reason you can never get the sound to gel so well afterwards.’

The first half-hour show was recorded at a studio in Maida Vale and will be available for download at a price of £9.48 (or £1.89 for an individual track). Beck and Jamie Lidell have been filmed for a second show, which will go up on the website and on iTunes in February.”



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Thinking about another Scouse Veggie today.
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Maybe I’m Amazed

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Having a busy old time over here. I’ll post item to ScouseVeg when I can, but in the meantime here’s some music…

Borrowed from Crooks and Liars via YouTube – a couple of tunes from Sir Paul.

Calico Skies from the album Flaming Pie:

(In an interview once Paul said he challenged himself to write a song in the time in took Linda to complete a session of chemotherapy, this is that song.)

Maybe I’m Amazed: