National Vegetarian Week – 13-19 May, 2019

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National Vegetarian Week runs from 13-19 May and is a great time to celebrate plant-based living. Get involved by trying out ‘50 veggie things’ in May. You can pick and mix from the 50 brilliant family-friendly ideas. Find out more at

Graham Drummond, from the Vegetarian Society, said: “This year National Vegetarian Week offers some fun new things for you to try, such as tucking into a veggie full-English breakfast, sharing gelatine-free sweets, doing a dairy-free milk taste-test or choosing the tofu dish from the local Chinese takeaway. Visit the website to get the full ‘50 veggie things’ list and pick your bite-sized activity to cheer up your day. Don’t forget to share it on social using #NationalVegetarianWeek.”

National Vegetarian Week is your chance to join millions enjoying amazing veggie food. Keep a look out for new recipes, tempting offers, and refreshed restaurant menus across the UK.

The Vegetarian Society is a charity that is passionate about veggie food! They want everyone to know how varied and delicious vegetarian dishes are – and how easy it is to enjoy a veggie lifestyle.


Simply Vegan Magazine

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Simply Vegan Magazine - Liverpool

We were very happy when the folks from Simply Vegan Magazine dropped us a note asking if we’d write something about the Vegan restaurants in Liverpool.

Naturally we got our chief (alright our only!) reporter Niki James on to the job and now very happy to announce that the latest issue of Simply Vegan Magazine (#10 – March 2019) has a feature on Liverpool & Merseyside.
As a bonus you can read it below:


Some more info about the mag (available on all good newsagents naturally) and where to get it online:

About Simply Vegan Magazine:

This brand new magazine is aimed at making veganism easy for the everyday vegan. Covering food and lifestyle, it is packed with easy, accessible recipes that don’t require odd ingredients or take too long to prepare, as well as supermarket taste tests, reviews of high street restaurants and cafes, plus beauty reviews, high street fashion, and nutrition basics –it’s everything a new vegan needs to get through life with ease!
Put off by recipes featuring ingredients that you can’t pronounce? All of our recipes contain ingredients you’ll find in the supermarket. Want to know where you can find nice vegan shoes on the high street that won’t cost a fortune? We’ve got it covered.

» You can subscribe via the publishers website
» You can grab the digital version here
» Simply Vegan Facebook

Pieminister have a vegan pie

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Pieminister… you’ve seen them. There’s a branch on Bold Street. They have, guess what, that’s right pies. And now there’s a vegan pie. From their press release:

Introducing Kevin

“Pieminister has been making pies for nearly 15 years and every single one of them – from their gluten free range to their classics – is famed for its exceptionally good (but undeniably buttery) pastry. So, to create a vegan version good enough to live up to the Pieminister name has been one of their biggest challenges so far. But after nearly a year of mixing, rolling and baking, the family of pie-makers believe they’ve created the most delicious vegan pastry they’ve ever tasted. ”

Kevin - vegan pie

“Enter Kevin, Pieminister’s first vegan pie, made with British chestnut mushrooms, tomato and red wine with baby onions, red quinoa and thyme.”

“A full-bodied, rich ragu-like filling in a crisp pastry, Kevin has all the taste, texture and depth of flavour enjoyed in a well-made traditional British pie. Great for vegans and vegetarians looking for a quick and delicious dish to tuck into, Kevin is registered with the Vegan Society and carries their trusted Vegan trademark. And as plant-based eating grows in popularity in the UK, Pieminister hopes this pie will not only appeal to the growing vegan community but also encourage others to give veganism a go.”

Kevin pie

“Tristan Hogg, Pieminister co-founder says, “We believe everyone should be able to indulge in a really good pie and having nailed our classic and gluten free pastries, we thought it was high time we created a 100% plant-based recipe. We’re really pleased with the result and think even the most carnivorous customers might be very pleasantly surprised by Kevin – we’re hoping it will inspire a few Veganuary pledges in 2019 too!””

“Kevin is on the menu in Pieminister’s restaurants and cafes and in selected Waitrose branches and independent food retailers nationwide (270g, RRP £2.80). The pie can also be delivered direct through Pieminister’s online shop and through”

— ends —

I don’t know if giving a vegan pie a human name is taking the piss, but they do this naming thing with all their products. Either way if you’ve tried one leave a comment below and let others know if it’s any good.

… And that’s not all. We can (probably not) exclusively reveal here that coming in Autumn from the same people – vegan ice cream !

Launching an ice cream in the Autumn instead of now, giving a vegan pie a human name. Makes perfect sense.

A new kid in Speke

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Wagamama Speke

Here at Scouseveg HQ we were delighted to receive an invite to the Bloggers Night at the newly opened Wagamama Speke Restaurant. So what is happening in Speke?

Well, the long established New Mersey Retail Park has received a bit of a face lift, with lots of exciting newly opened restaurants, including our favourite Wagamama!

On approach, the restaurant looked bright and welcoming. Inside, the layout is similar as you would expect to find with this type of dining experience, lots of small tables, some booths at the side and long tables of very happy customers enjoying some really innovative dishes.

If you haven’t been to Wagamama before. It has its own vegetarian and vegan menu, bursting with a wide choice of dishes and proudly registered with the much loved and trusted Vegan society logo.

In addition to our last visit, you can now find some new and very tasty dishes. These included, the new mixed mushroom and panko aubergine hirata steamed buns, now without mayonnaise. This was one of our personal favourites and the vegatsu, which is a beautiful blend of crispy coated seitan covered in an aromatic curry sauce. This by far was my own personal favourite dish of the evening.

We also sampled the new harusame glass noodle salad which featured gorgeous chunks of tofu mixed with glass noodles, kale, edamame and a variety of vegetables topped with fresh mint and crispy fried shallots, this dish felt healthy but satisfying.

We also enjoyed our old favourites of salty edamame beans, wok-fried greens, a raw salad and the extremely tasty Kare Burosu Ramen. All the above was washed down with some craft beers, fresh juice and some lovely refreshing green tea. Oh and not to forgot the firm Scouseveg favourite of pink guava and passion fruit sorbet, who doesn’t love a good sorbet to clean the pallet?

So why try Wagamama? Well, the staff are always very helpful and extremely friendly. The food is always of an exceptionally high standard and satisfyingly tasty. The atmosphere is always great, whether it’s a romantic meal for two or a big party outing!

The new Speke Restaurant is also ideal, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. It’s easy to get to and there’s always plenty of parking right outside.

If you haven’t tried Wagamama, it’s a great place to take your friends, whether your veggie, vegan or just fancy something a bit different! Get yourself down to New Mersey Retail Park for a bit of retail therapy and some amazing food, you won’t be disappointed.

Niki and Pete James, Scouseveg.

Wagamama logo
New Mersey Shopping Park
New Mersey
Speke Road
L24 8QB

ScouseVeg Eating In: Green Kitchen

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By Niki O’Leary, roving reporter for Scouseveg.

Liverpool has become the place in the North West for vegetarian/vegan only and veggie/vegan friendly restaurants. There are so many choices now. But what if you can’t be bothered with all that going out. What if you want to just stay in and watch some telly ? We sent out – or rather told our Niki to stay at home and try a vegan friendly home delivery service.

Green Kitchen…for those cosy night’s in!

There’s nothing better than treating yourself to a mid-week take-out. Especially, safe in the knowledge, that your Vegan diet is being well cared for. That’s what Pete, Ray and I decided to do one, rainy Thursday evening. For those of you that haven’t tried Green Kitchen before, you are in for a bit of a treat, not only do you get a satisfying Chinese meal but one with a different ethos than most!

The Green Kitchen’s menu is constantly evolving. Their offering is jam-packed full of fresh ingredients, which is also well-balanced and nutritional. Their menu has many differences, over your ‘run-of-the-mill’ local take away. You can truly be happy to share with friends or family, a wide variety of guilt-free meal options, bursting with vegetarian and vegan options. So what’s the main different about Green Kitchen?

Firstly, they don’t use MSG, which is a big plus for me (as I’ve been known to react badly to it in the past!) All their ingredients are fresh, this means that you get restaurant quality dishes at take away prices. Their customer service and delivery was also super friendly! Oh and I loved the containers they came in, separate little sections for each part of the meal, which are great for lunch carry outs and recycled by me time and time again.

But most importantly, the best bit you’ve all been waiting to hear about. What about the food?

Well, we had quite a feast and opted to share a multitude of dishes. Being a big fan of tofu we tucked in the special tomato sauce tofu. This was light and very tasty. Then we munched our way through the home style tofu, which was perfectly fried without being too greasy. Accompanying the tofu dishes, we shared the stir fried spicy cabbage, stir fried broccoli, cabbage and the spicy sour shredded potatoes to name but a few! In fact, I think we had a full tasting of all most of the main vegan menu, which is all labelled as such.

I think the surprise of the evening was the Sweet Potato Bao, with its almost pastel shade, light and foamy texture with a sweet centre in the middle. Surprisingly, it was gorgeous. I suppose my only minor criticism of the website is that, it’s only the main dishes that are marked vegan. However, this could be easily rectified and given that you would be hard pushed to find a takeaway even bothering to mark their dishes, vegan, you can’t really go wrong with the Green Kitchen team.

So, next time, you get the urge for a takeaway. I would highly recommend, if you haven’t tried them already to give these guys a go, you certainly won’t be disappointed.


Twitter: @greenkitchenuk
Facebook: GreenKitchenUK
Tel: 0151 922 2665

Wagamama…from Bowl to Soul

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By Niki O’Leary, roving reporter for Scouseveg.

We are proud here to support all the locally owned independent vegetarian/vegan establishments which have sprung up. But what about the chain restaurants ? They’ve noticed the increase in popularity with being veggie or vegan and are taking steps to accommodate. But how good are they ? Our Niki went to try one of these places out…

What better way to spend Saturday evening than to get together a few Scouseveggers and head down to explore the delights of Liverpool One. This, by the way offers a multitude of cuisine and nightlife to enjoy. The lovely folk at Wagamama, invited us to try their vegan offerings so myself, Pete, Ray and Steve headed down to the bright lights of their Liverpool restaurant, which is nicely situated on the Leisure Terrace.

We entered a very busy, but, highly organised restaurant and took our table to enjoy Asian cruise at its tastiest. It’s been some time since I have been to Wagamama. So, naturally, I was quite excited to try their new offerings, especially their new vegan desserts.

Our waitress for the evening showed us around the menu, guided us to what was vegan, but also explained what could be adapted. We went for a selection of starters and main courses, choosing from the menu, Yasai Ramen, Yasai pad-thai, Wok fried greens and Edamame in chilli salt. Some of the dishes were slightly adapted for the vegan diet for us, but all delivered rich textures and flavours.

As described by Steve his side order of Wok fried greens was absolutely delicious. Large succulent pieces of tender stem broccoli and Bok-choi in a delicate garlic sauce. The Yasai pad-Thai, with its delicate pieces of tofu and vegetables with rice noodles, which came in a light tamarind sauce with beansprouts, leeks, chillies and red onion. The dish was beautifully garnished with fried shallots, peanuts, fresh herbs and lime. It was wholesome, delicious and filling.

The favourite vegan dessert of the night by far, was the delightful Lemongrass and Lime sorbet, gentle on the palate but bursting with flavour. If you are looking to refresh your palate this sorbet is a must after an evening of taste and spices.

Now Liverpool is awash with vegetarian and vegan places to dine out and about time too! Lots of independent restaurants have popped up with amazing vegan offerings, meaning, the more popular chain restaurants can sometimes be overlooked. So, next time you’re heading into Liverpool for either a romantic meal for two or gathering with a group of friends. I would highly recommend if you haven’t been already to give these guys a go, you won’t be disappointed.


Wagamama Liverpool

Liverpool ONE
14 Paradise Street
Liverpool L1 8JF
» More info/reviews

Our Kitchen on Bold Street

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 It’s not our kitchen, but if it lives up to it’s promise it could be…

News of yet another vegetarian/vegan establishment is opening in the Liverpool city centre. It will be right amongst all those other great places on Bold Street and it does have a great name.

The former CBBC presenter Tara Maguire is behind this one. She also runs My Yoga studio (another great name, very good with this) in Wood Street and is now getting in on the thriving veggie/vegan scene.

I’ve found a few websites which have the PR for them. Here are some quotes from Tara:

She said: “The project began when I decided to satisfy a long-held ambition of opening the kind of restaurant that I wanted to eat out in for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everybody around me in my network in Liverpool just seems so busy and many constantly ask me the same question…”where can I eat in or takeaway highly nutritious food & drink, that’s maybe organic, sourced locally and produced with love?”

“Well next week is the realisation of my ambition to open an inclusive restaurant that does exactly that.”

As it says there is breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as “an extensive holistic-inspired range of nutrient-rich juices and dairy-free nut “mylks”. ”

Our Kitchen is easy to find. It is at 84 Bold Street right across from Matta’s and right down the street is Leaf, Mowgli, News from Nowhere…

I’ve added Our Kitchen to the ScouseVeg Eating Out listings page here. If you visit at any time please send us a report or write a review.

DECEMBER 2017 Update: Sadly they are no longer veggie/vegan only and have been downgraded.
Comments closed here. If you have visited leave a comment on the Listings page.

Freshfields Animal Rescue – Time Of Need Appeal

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Freshfields Time Of Need Appeal - click this banner to donate

As many of our Freshfields Animal Rescue community will know, Freshfields is a local independent animal rescue shelter, and we rely completely on the generosity of others to carry out our vital work. It is the passion of our lives to rescue and rehome abused and unwanted animals.We have been doing this at Freshfields for almost 40 years.

At the moment, due to soaring costs, intense financial pressures and the never-ending stream of distressed animals who need us, we have had to take the difficult step of closing our doors to new admissions. Our ability to continue to run our sanctuaries is under serious threat and we are at a crisis point.

We must at this moment appeal to your compassion and ask for your help at this time of crisis. We need you to please donate what you can, and ask your friends and family to not only share our Time Of Need Appeal, but to contribute whatever they can. Never think that your donation is too small to make a difference. Freya, the ‘loneliest dog in Britain’, found a home after 6 years in Kennels. We never gave up on her, and we’re not going to give up now.

Please click on the link above to donate to our ‘TIME OF NEED APPEAL’.
Thank you for helping us to save the animals.


Animal Charity Night – 12th November

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Big event alert ! There’s going to be a charity evening on Saturday 12th November and you need to be there. Our very own Carrina decided to create and stage this event. All funds raised will go to the Dr Hadwen Trust and Wirral Animal Sanctuary.


Event details:

Saturday 12th November 2016

Animal Charity Night

Blackberry Grove
3 Grosvenor Road,
New Brighton, Wirral CH45 2LW
» Map/directions

Tickets will cost £25 and you can pay by cash or over phone to Blackberry Grove on 0151 639 9608 or cash to Carrina.

For that amount you will get a 3 course vegan meal, fizz on arrival, entertainment, raffle prizes and auction to raise much needed funds for the Dr Hadwen Trust and Wirral Animal Sanctuary.

The Dr Hadwen Trust are the UK’s leading non-animal medical research charity who fund cutting edge medical research without using animals. They fund and promote the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research.

Wirral Animal Sanctuary are a registered charity set up by Steph Oliver on 16th November 2015. Currently they are foster based and have a few lovely people working for them on a volunteer basis but their main aim is to build a caring sanctuary for animals without a family with the view to finding them the perfect home.

With being a newish charity they need to create awareness and to raise much needed funds to build a sanctuary which the Wirral area desperately needs.

» Find out more on the Facebook Event page:

Here’s what you missed at the Liverpool Vegan Festival…

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The very first Liverpool Viva! Vegan Festival took place recently.
Here is Jennifer Jones to tell you about the event and what you missed.

Liverpool Viva Vegan Festival

Independent vegan business owners nationwide came together to take part in the Liverpool Vegan Festival on Saturday 10th September.

Stalls were set up in the Friend’s Meeting House, School Lane where customers sampled and bought products ranging from cruelty-free cosmetics to vegan pepperoni.

Cooking demonstrations, free recipes and one-to-one nutritional advice were also available.

The event attracted around 1500 people, welcoming everyone from strict vegans, to those looking for a few non-meat alternatives to add to their diet.

David, aged 72 from West Kirby was looking for some new recipes to try at home.

He said: “I eat meat but my wife is vegetarian and we need more ideas on preparing food from scratch, so we know exactly what we’re eating.”

The festival particularly catered to people wanting to learn more about the accessibility of vegan products. Philosophy student, Robbie Short, aged 19 is currently making the transition from vegetarian to vegan.

He said: “This is my first vegan festival and I now have much a better understanding of the range of foods available.”

Customers were also invited to attend informative talks held throughout the day. Martin Menehan, the owner of YouTube Channel: ‘Vegan Geezer’ was one of 6 guest speakers. He discussed YouTube as a positive vehicle for anyone passionate about educating people on veganism.

He said: “I hope people learn they are not powerless to spread the word about what being a vegan is.”

Poppy Lettice, Founder of ‘Lettices’ has found that a good way to promote vegan alternative is to give people the option to try her food and leave them to make their own choice.
She said: “Some people now buy my egg-free mayonnaise to put with their steak because they prefer the flavour.”

Andy Davies, Owner and Chef at ’No Balony UK’ started his business in June this year, after noticing an opening in the market where he could encourage people to try meat-free products.

He said: “People are exploring the ethical factors and becoming more aware of what they eat”

The Liverpool Vegan Festival was organised by Viva!, a charity which was established in 1994, and has held vegan events across the UK for the past 12 years. Roddy Hanson, Vegan Festival Organiser for Viva! was very positive for future festivals in Liverpool.

He said: “Events like this have a long-lasting effect and we will definitely be coming back to Liverpool next year.”

Some photos from the festival: