Freshfields Animal Rescue – Time Of Need Appeal

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Freshfields Time Of Need Appeal - click this banner to donate

As many of our Freshfields Animal Rescue community will know, Freshfields is a local independent animal rescue shelter, and we rely completely on the generosity of others to carry out our vital work. It is the passion of our lives to rescue and rehome abused and unwanted animals.We have been doing this at Freshfields for almost 40 years.

At the moment, due to soaring costs, intense financial pressures and the never-ending stream of distressed animals who need us, we have had to take the difficult step of closing our doors to new admissions. Our ability to continue to run our sanctuaries is under serious threat and we are at a crisis point.

We must at this moment appeal to your compassion and ask for your help at this time of crisis. We need you to please donate what you can, and ask your friends and family to not only share our Time Of Need Appeal, but to contribute whatever they can. Never think that your donation is too small to make a difference. Freya, the ‘loneliest dog in Britain’, found a home after 6 years in Kennels. We never gave up on her, and we’re not going to give up now.

Please click on the link above to donate to our ‘TIME OF NEED APPEAL’.
Thank you for helping us to save the animals.


Animal Charity Night – 12th November

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Big event alert ! There’s going to be a charity evening on Saturday 12th November and you need to be there. Our very own Carrina decided to create and stage this event. All funds raised will go to the Dr Hadwen Trust and Wirral Animal Sanctuary.


Event details:

Saturday 12th November 2016

Animal Charity Night

Blackberry Grove
3 Grosvenor Road,
New Brighton, Wirral CH45 2LW
» Map/directions

Tickets will cost £25 and you can pay by cash or over phone to Blackberry Grove on 0151 639 9608 or cash to Carrina.

For that amount you will get a 3 course vegan meal, fizz on arrival, entertainment, raffle prizes and auction to raise much needed funds for the Dr Hadwen Trust and Wirral Animal Sanctuary.

The Dr Hadwen Trust are the UK’s leading non-animal medical research charity who fund cutting edge medical research without using animals. They fund and promote the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research.

Wirral Animal Sanctuary are a registered charity set up by Steph Oliver on 16th November 2015. Currently they are foster based and have a few lovely people working for them on a volunteer basis but their main aim is to build a caring sanctuary for animals without a family with the view to finding them the perfect home.

With being a newish charity they need to create awareness and to raise much needed funds to build a sanctuary which the Wirral area desperately needs.

» Find out more on the Facebook Event page:

Here’s what you missed at the Liverpool Vegan Festival…

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The very first Liverpool Viva! Vegan Festival took place recently.
Here is Jennifer Jones to tell you about the event and what you missed.

Liverpool Viva Vegan Festival

Independent vegan business owners nationwide came together to take part in the Liverpool Vegan Festival on Saturday 10th September.

Stalls were set up in the Friend’s Meeting House, School Lane where customers sampled and bought products ranging from cruelty-free cosmetics to vegan pepperoni.

Cooking demonstrations, free recipes and one-to-one nutritional advice were also available.

The event attracted around 1500 people, welcoming everyone from strict vegans, to those looking for a few non-meat alternatives to add to their diet.

David, aged 72 from West Kirby was looking for some new recipes to try at home.

He said: “I eat meat but my wife is vegetarian and we need more ideas on preparing food from scratch, so we know exactly what we’re eating.”

The festival particularly catered to people wanting to learn more about the accessibility of vegan products. Philosophy student, Robbie Short, aged 19 is currently making the transition from vegetarian to vegan.

He said: “This is my first vegan festival and I now have much a better understanding of the range of foods available.”

Customers were also invited to attend informative talks held throughout the day. Martin Menehan, the owner of YouTube Channel: ‘Vegan Geezer’ was one of 6 guest speakers. He discussed YouTube as a positive vehicle for anyone passionate about educating people on veganism.

He said: “I hope people learn they are not powerless to spread the word about what being a vegan is.”

Poppy Lettice, Founder of ‘Lettices’ has found that a good way to promote vegan alternative is to give people the option to try her food and leave them to make their own choice.
She said: “Some people now buy my egg-free mayonnaise to put with their steak because they prefer the flavour.”

Andy Davies, Owner and Chef at ’No Balony UK’ started his business in June this year, after noticing an opening in the market where he could encourage people to try meat-free products.

He said: “People are exploring the ethical factors and becoming more aware of what they eat”

The Liverpool Vegan Festival was organised by Viva!, a charity which was established in 1994, and has held vegan events across the UK for the past 12 years. Roddy Hanson, Vegan Festival Organiser for Viva! was very positive for future festivals in Liverpool.

He said: “Events like this have a long-lasting effect and we will definitely be coming back to Liverpool next year.”

Some photos from the festival:

Stamps in Crosby

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A few months ago we assisted a bar in Crosby. They were looking for a veggie chef and were planning on expanding their menu. They finally found somebody and they’ve now created what is a smaller, introductory vegetarian-friendly menu to try out. This will evolve and develop depending on the interest and uptake of the items. You can help them by visiting and leaving some feedback though.

Firstly a bit about the bar, called Stamps:

Stamps Bar is based in Crosby Village just 6 miles North of Liverpool City Centre. We opened in 1996 and are now firmly established as one of the leading Real Ale pubs in Merseyside, having won the CAMRA LocALe award in 2010.

Since then we have progressed on to opening our own Micro Brewery based up the road from Stamps in Kirkdale. We continue to support other local breweries such as Melwood, Southport and Liverpool Craft to name a few and always try and source beer and food produce from and around the local area.

Our slogan at Stamps is “Real Ale, Real Music and Real Food” and we live by this in everything we do here at Stamps. We put on hundreds of Real ales throughout the year promoting what many consider as Real Beer in that it isn’t processed in any way. We have the same attitude when it comes to music and food also, putting on Live bands every Saturday and Sunday and only using fresh, often locally sourced food produce in our kitchen.

They are located at:
4 Crown Buildings,
Coronation Road,
Liverpool L23 5SR
Tel: 0151 286 2662

Here’s a pic of their veggie friendly menu. Click to enlarge:

Stamps veggie menu

On the food menu on their website it also has a few veggie items, such as a jacket potato with homemade vegetarian Quinoa chilli, but it’s not on the above. Maybe the website menu is older and needs updating. Either way when you go there you’ll be able to see for yourself.

If you do visit then leave a comment below on your experience.

ScouseVeg Award Winners

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Finally ! Here is a list of the winners in the very first ScouseVeg Awards !

ScouseVeg Awards

(Quick recap) There are many businesses in Liverpool and the surrounding area that are either vegan/veggie only or veggie/vegan friendly. We wanted to recognise these establishments and let them know of our appreciation. So at the end of October we asked the ScousVeggies – you – to nominate your favourite place to visit.
After gathering up all the noms they were sorted, whittled down and added to seven categories. Then the polls were opened and again you, the ScouseVeg visitors voted on who you thought were the best of these groups.

Below is a slideshow of all the winners. A big THANK YOU to everyone who nominated and then came back to vote.
As you can see from the list there were two businesses which dominated. Well done to them and to all nominated.

[metaslider id=5613]

Full list of winners:

  • Best establishment in Merseyside for VEGGIE food: THE OLD HARDWARE SHOP
  • Best for VEGGIE/VEGAN SHOPPING in or around Merseyside: PURPLE CARROT
  • Best establishment in Merseyside for VEGAN food: THE OLD HARDWARE SHOP
  • Best establishment in Merseyside for VEGGIE/VEGAN CAKE: Purple Carrot*
       * cakes manufactured and supplied by various Liverpool cake makers
  • Best PUB in the North West for veggie/vegan food: EVIL EYE BEER AND BURRITO SHACK
  • Best veggie and /or vegan friendly business in Merseyside and Wirral: KAPUCIA
  • The GOLD STAR WINNER for the most amazing veggie / or vegan establishment in Merseyside:
          – It is a TIE between THE OLD HARDWARE SHOP and PURPLE CARROT
  • All winners will be notified and will receive a certificate.

    ScouseVeg Awards – Vote Now !

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    It is time for you to cast your vote in the very first ScouseVeg Awards.

    UPDATE: The polls close this coming Friday (4th) – VOTE NOW

    ScouseVeg Awards - VOTE NOW !

    There are 8 different categories/awards, check the button next to your favourite and then click on the Vote button.

    The results will be revealed in one month from today, so get voting NOW !

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    [polldaddy poll=9142414]
    [polldaddy poll=9142442]
    [polldaddy poll=9146393]
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    The very first ScouseVeg Awards

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    Calling all ScouseVeggies, calling all local vegetarians and vegans – As well as everybody else veggie/vegan who has visited Liverpool, Merseyside and the surrounding area: We need your help.

    We’ve created some awards, but it’s up to you to decide who will be nominated as well as who will win.

     the scouseveg awards

    ScouseVeg is a mailing list, a website, on Twitter and has a Facebook group.
    Our aims are to help and support anybody in the area who is veggie or vegan.

    Another of our aims is to help support and promote any local businesses that help us be ScouseVeggies.
    This led us to the idea of giving out awards in recognition of that.

    ☛ But first… you have to tell us who you think are deserving of these awards:

    IN the comments form – Nominate your favourite local business in each category.

    We’ll gather together all these nominations and then select the candidates for you to vote upon.

    The Categories:

    • 1: Best establishment in Merseyside for VEGGIE food
    • 2: Best establishment in Merseyside for VEGAN food
    • 3: Best establishment in Merseyside for VEGGIE/VEGAN CAKE
    • 4: Best PUB in the North West for veggie/vegan food
    • 5: Best VEGGIE/VEGAN PIZZA in Merseyside
    • 6: Best for VEGGIE/VEGAN SHOPPING in or around Merseyside
    • 7: Best veggie and /or vegan friendly business in Merseyside and Wirral

      This is any other business not related to food, but to facilities or services.

    • 8: The GOLD STAR WINNER for the most amazing veggie / or vegan establishment in Merseyside

      Who you think is the best of the best.

    * It is not limited to vegan/veggie only businesses, veggie/vegan friendly businesses are allowed too.
    * You can nominate the same business for two different categories. It is possible for them to win more that one.

    There are the categories. It’s your turn now.

    Post below who you want to nominate and in what category:

    New Vegan Food Delivery Service in Liverpool

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    Give Kitchen

    We here at ScouseVeg are always on the lookout for any local vegan/vegetarian businesses. We like to encourage, support and help in any way we can.

    This particular Liverpool company offer a service (food delivery using a subscription model) which has been on the increase in the last couple of years. It’s not just that which peaks our interest though. Yes the vegan part is very important, but there’s something else that they do.

    Firstly though, from their PR release – who are they:

    The UK’s First and Only Plant Based, Vegan Food Delivery Service Launches in Liverpool

    Liverpool, 7th August 2015

    “An innovative, plant based food service, which delivers nutritious, organic and vegan meals direct to homes or work places across the UK, has launched in Liverpool.

    GIVE Kitchen, founded by dedicated vegans Paul Hampson and Dario Curcillo aims to provide a healthy and nutritious food service to both vegan clients looking for a fresh and convenient home delivery service and to non-vegan clients who are looking to lose weight, tone up or increase muscle mass through adopting a healthy eating regime.

    With headquarters based on the Albert Dock and a fully operating, state-of-the-art kitchen on Brunswick Dock the new, ethical food business has already delivered over 200 wholesome and nutritious lunches, main meals and sweet bites to a growing list of happy clients, since its launch in June earlier this year.”

    Yes yes fine. But what about the food ?

    A few pics of some tasty looking vegan items they offer:

    Mouthwatering isn’t it.
    They have these things called GIVE boxes.
    You can buy these as individual meals, or choose one of the packages.

    From their PR release:

    “GIVE boxes can be purchased online as individual meals or as a ‘22 Day Challenge’ package, which includes the 22 Day Vegan Challenge, the 22 Day Get Lean and Toned Challenge and the 22 Day Superfood Challenge, all designed to keep mind, body and soul in perfect balance.”   Link

    AND… that something else they do which I mentioned above:

    “GIVE Kitchen forms part of the GIVE 2040 Foundation, a charitable movement, which strives to end world hunger, poverty and disease by 2040. For each order placed, GIVE 2040 donates a fresh and wholesome meal to the homeless or less fortunate. To date, GIVE has donated 205 meals to the homeless and towards local charity events.”

    As it says – for every order placed, they will give a meal to the homeless. They recently donated to The Whitechapel Centre.

    You can find their website at

    Also on the social media:

    If you’ve tried any of their meals leave a comment below.

    Shakeaway Is Now In Liverpool

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    Shakeaway Liverpool
    Via wikipedia:

    Shakeaway is a chain of Milkshake bar companies based in the UK.

    Since 1999, the company sells milkshakes, smoothies, healthy shakes, hot shakes, hot drinks and cater for special dietary requirements such as dairy and nut free options. Available in selected stores, the company also sells fat free frozen yoghurt and fries. Shakeaway also have a large range of dairy-free milkshakes suitable for vegans and lactose intolerant people, using soya milk and soya ice cream instead of cow’s milk.”

    Via the Shakeaway website:

    The demand from our fans for a store in Liverpool has been huge so we were delighted to open Shakeaway Liverpool on Saturday 18th July.

    The queues soon built with 50 free shakes for the first lucky customers and the store remained packed all day. Shakeaway Liverpool is located on the outside of the busy Clayton Square shopping centre and sells the full range of milkshakes, frozen yoghurt desserts, smoothies and our unique low fat fries.

    ScouseVeggie Aaron Marsh got a photo of their vegan/veggie/gluten free options:

    Shakeaway vegan veggie options


    7 Parker Street
    Clayton Square Shopping Centre
    L1 1DJ

    Tel: 0151 7093274


    » Website

    Added to our Eating Out section

    Kapucia – Fitness, Health and Wellbeing

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    There’s a new health and wellbeing place opening on Lord Street soon.

    Give a welcome to Kapucia

    This place will take care of you with the lot.

    They have a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a Dance and Yoga Teacher, a Shamanic Practitioner, Pilates Teacher and a Fitness Instructor. Phew ! All of them highly qualified.

    “Kapucia is a city centre based company, which has brought together a collective of authentic teachings including workshops, meditation and a range of different therapies for self-development, healing and general well-being.

    Our mission is to create a community of like-minded individuals in one common place to share experiences, practices and knowledge. We will achieve this by enabling you to find clarity and direction in your life through coaching and providing you with the necessary tools for self- empowerment. Our ultimate aim is to help you to achieve your mind, body and soul connection.”

    They’ve got three therapy rooms and offer massage therapy, yoga, Shamanic healing, Reiki… and loads more.

    There’s an organic juice and smoothie bar, which also has raw vegan food.

    As you can see from the flyer to the right they have a grand opening this Saturday – 13th June.

    You can find them at:

    27 Lord Street,
    Liverpool L2
    » Map/directions


    Kapucia flyer