Veggie Holidays

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You wouldn’t know it looking out of the window, but today [March 20th] is the 1st day of Spring. ( Although there is some dispute about the actual date.)

So have you started planning your summer hols yet ? No ?
Well here are some links and suggestions for the veggie/vegan traveller:

Edinburgh Guide > How about a trip to Scotland’s capital ? The Edinburgh Guide has a list of Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants, plus a link to accomodation.

Ireland> Or how about a trip on the ferry over to Ireland ? The Maps from Mars website has a Google Mapped page with bookmarks to Vegetarian & Vegan restaurants as well as some places to stay.

> Further into Europe and how about Barcelona ? is a Barca veggie website, which also has a very good forum, plus a resources page for the Catalonian city.

BootsnAll> Finally there is BootsnAll Travel a website that will help you find cheap flights/accomodation and ideas for other destinations.

L’Oreal Buy Out The Body Shop

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Very alarming news – L’Oreal cosmetics have bought out the Body Shop chain.
From Reuters (selected text):

France’s L’Oreal is to buy The Body Shop in a “seductive” 652-million-pound ($1.14 billion) deal to unite the world’s top cosmetics group with the British ethically-sourced beauty product retailer….

The Body Shop, whose 2,000-outlets selling passion fruit body butter and bilberry hair de-tanglers began life in a small Brighton street 30 years ago, is 18 percent owned by its founder Anita Roddick and her husband Gordon. They will themselves net 118 million pounds from the deal, which looks certain to be accepted….

Roddick declared herself beguiled by the Gallic charm of L’Oreal’s negotiators:

“Let me tell you how the French seduce you,” Roddick told a news conference on Friday. “They are the most bloody seductive people on Earth. They are charming, they are well-mannered and they praise and flatter you.”

Further reading & comments:

From Naturewatch >

“Cosmetics giant L’Oreal has produced some shock news for the ethical-living world: it is taking over the Body Shop. Naturewatch has now responded by asking supporters to boycott the Body Shop. Naturewatch has been involved in a long-running campaign against L’Oreal. Although the company claims not to test their products on animals, the reality is that their ingredients are (still) being tested.”

Via Indymedia >

“Two possibilities arise from this. Either: a) Body Shop will become L’Oreal’s “ethical” brand, to tap into the lucrative liberal middle-class guilt market. b) Body Shop will quietly drop their “Against Animal Testing” commitments, and adopt instead the same weaselly “but we never test on animals any more than we need to” line that L’Oreal currently pitch.”

Telly Watching – Online

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A problem with the world wide web is that sometimes you don’t want to read, you just want to watch and let someone tell you about things related to the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

Below are three sites that offer an online video streams about vegetarian awareness, activism, consumer issues, shopping and entertainment:

Veggie Vision TV

Veggie Vision TV (UK based) has a channel for watching their roving reporters, plus a cookery, entertainment and world channels.

Veg {{VegTV – Not Firefox friendly, takes an age to load}} (USA based) has food, leisure and entertainment shows.


PETA TV has many, many videos which can also be downloaded. Subjects cover a wide range of vegetarian, vegan and animal rights issues.

Veggie Delicious !

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You may have seen this button > button on the sidebar to the right.
If you have pressed it then you’ll see that it takes you to the social bookmarking{{more info on Social Bookmarking}} website: and a list of links that have been tagged{{More info about tags and tagging}} by the users as “vegetarian”.

From – a couple of websites that have been tagged (bookmarked) by multiple users:


…is an American based website with vegetarian and vegan recipes, plus some vegetarian personal ads.

Vegan Lunch Box
Vegan Lunch Box

…is a blog by Jennifershmoo, who is a stay at home mum in Washington State in the USA. She is a vegan activist who posts a daily photo and details of a vegan lunch box she has created.
Update: The Vegan Lunch Box Blog just won a Bloggie !

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  • Getting The Beers In – But What Are You Drinking ?

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    The next time you head to the bar to get the rounds in, take a moment to look at what you are ordering. Is your favourite pint suitable for vegetarians or vegans ?

    Geriant Bevan took it upon himself to find out…

    A list of suitable veggie of vegan friendly beers“Most beers, unfortunately, are not labelled as being suitable for vegetarians. Not content with the “ignorance is bliss” attitude that I suspect the brewers are trying to cultivate by not labelling their products, I have started creating a list of those which I am sure are vegetarian, i.e. do not contain animal products or use them in the production process. The evidence for my evaluation of each drink is also listed; references to e-mails link to the text of the reply that I have received from the brewery.”

    You can view the full list which includes evidence of his exhaustive research HERE.
    The list can be be sorted by name, suitability and source.

    Follow up: You can nominate or vote for your favourite pint in the 2006 Vegetarian Society Awards.

    Picture Gallery Now Open

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    The ScouseVeg Picture Gallery is open:

    The ScouseVeg Pic Gallery
    Please take a moment to register.
    Once you’ve registered and logged in you can upload your own pics, rate and add comments to other photos, plus send any of them as an e-card.


    Give us a sec…

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    Please bear with us as we set things up and fiddle around a bit.
    – Leave some feedback via the Comments link below on what you think of the place.