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UPDATE: Watch Niki’s appearance online here

Niki O’Leary, along with her sister Jane run the ScouseVeg social group, mailing list and this website. A few months back Niki participated in a Channel 4 television show called “Come Dine With Me“. In the show 1 person each day prepares and cooks a menu at their own house for the other 4 contestants. (It is a competition, the winner recieves £1000 in cash). Then the next day another person does the same at their house and so on. Finally at the end of the week each contestant votes on who was the best.

Just got word from Brian on the air dates for Niki’s appearance on the series. It is a daily show with the Scouse Vegan herself hosting on August 2nd »

“The TV schedules for the week after next have been published, including
Channel 4’s “Come Dine With Me”. Wednesday evening’s programme may be of interest!…”

Come Dine with Me – Channel 4
Monday 31st July – Friday 4th August – 16:30-17:00

Monday 31st July…
Get ready for another helping of fabulous feasts and champagne sparkling wit as Channel 4’s culinary competition, Come Dine With Me, returns for a brand new series. It’s the first night of a week of competitive entertaining in Liverpool. Tonight’s host is 71-year-old Terry White who is hoping to win over four complete strangers with his classic Cordon Bleu menu.

Tuesday 1st August…
It’s the second gathering in Liverpool and tonight’s host is fishmonger Dan Redfern. Super competitive, he tries to impress his guests by spending £200 on alcohol alone to accompany an ambitious four course meal and an array of fish canapés. Dan knows he has to impress wine buff Terry to have a chance of winning, but faces a major set-back when his star wine turns out to be corked.

Wednesday 2nd August…
Tonight it’s Nikki O’Leary’s turn to have a shot at the £1,000 prize, but it’s not going to be easy because she’s planning to serve a three course vegan meal to four meat-loving food connoisseurs. And Nikki has also set herself an extra challenge, not only is she after that first prize, but she’s determined to convert her guests to the vegan lifestyle.

Thursday 3rd August…
Today Customer Service Manger Ian Cook tries to grab the top prize by planning his cooking as a military operation. Armed with the freshest ingredients, his own recipes and a superb knowledge of his critical guests, he tries to win them over one by one, by appeasing their particular tastes.

Friday 4th August…
It’s the final night of the culinary stand off in Liverpool and it’s the turn of etiquette queen and Royalist, Margaret Twemlow. She has a hard act to follow, after a week featuring some of the highest scores seen on Come Dine With Me. But Margaret has a plan which just might put her in the lead.

Keep checking back here for further details of the show and we plan to get loads of screencaps to upload into the gallery.

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