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Vegan Life

Many UK vegans feel the same frustration I do – at the moment, the scene here seems to be so far behind our friends across the Atlantic, and many of the things considered vegan staples in the USA simply aren’t attainable here! However, I feel that this is slowly changing. You all know that I love my The VeganKind subscription box, and now there’s a new kid on the block: This September, the creators of the OmYoga magazine will be launching the all-new Vegan Life publication. I personally am very excited by this, since Americans have had VegNews for what seems like forever, and I think it is high time we caught up and had a magazine dedicated to all things vegan in the UK.

Vegan Life will cover all the things anyone could be interested in reading about, from food (of course!) to interviews to cosmetics. I’ve had the privilege of seeing a little sneak preview, and while I’m not allowed to give away too much information, I can ascertain you that this will indeed be something worth its price! I’m particularly excited by the concept of having a real-life vegan magazine on the shelves. I feel like there are so many cooking magazines out there, including a good selection of vegetarian ones, that get people interested in cooking and learning about their food. I hope that having a vegan option readily available will give veg-curious customers a little nudge into trying some cruelty-free cooking without the financial (and shelf-space) commitment of buying a cookbook. Or twenty, if you’re anything like me.

Vegan Life Magazine

The first issue will be sold together with the concurrent issue of OmYoga, in a double-pack priced at £3.95. Afterwards, standalone issues will be available every two months and will cost £3.95. You also have the option of subscribing via the Vegan Life website, where a yearly subscription will cost only £14.50. Alternatively, if you like to read your magazines on an electronic device, you can purchase a digital subscription for only £9.99, which I consider to be a very reasonable price.

I am tremendously excited for this to hit the shelves (can you tell?) and I can’t wait to read the first issue when it appears in a few weeks! Will you be subscribing?

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Disclaimer: I am part of the Vegan Life Blogger Community and receive a digital subscription free of charge for blogging purposes. Never ever ever would this affect the honesty of my posts.