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Compassion In The Kitchen

Thanks to Hannah for spotting this.

Compassion in the Kitchen

Via Quaker Concern For Animals:

The Compassion in the Kitchen team comprises of three practising Buddhists who, having previously run successful retreats, decided to run several this year, starting May 14-16, at Anybody’s Barn near Malvern in Gloucestershire.

The event will feature hands-on, planet-friendly cooking with Jane Easton, seasoned with mindfulness meditation, workshops and study led by Barry Hill (Achintya) and Birgit Muller. You get to cook and eat tasty, animal-free recipes to support your care for the world, whatever your current dietary persuasion.

They welcome anyone who has some experience of meditation or sitting quietly.

Please see www.compassion-in-the-kitchen.org.uk and click on Events/CITK Events/Bookings.

Or phone 0786 751 4118

» http://www.compassion-in-the-kitchen.org.uk/

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