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9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi there,

    I’ve just been catching up on Come Dine With Me after being on hols and think Niki came across brilliantly!

    As a vegetarian, meateaters always think you survive on nothing but lettuce leaves. But I think Niki proved that a non-animal diet actually has more variety and taste than one full of disgusting meat!

    Well done Niki!

    Bee x

  2. Hi people,
    I’m writing a blog where I review restaurants that are suitable for veggies. If the choice for us is limited, I will mention it. check it out on and if there is anywhere you would like me to review, drop me a line via the blog! (Liverpool and Edinburgh only)

  3. Hey Nikki! i seen you on come dine with me and just want to let you know i think your a real inspiration!! and like ian you have opened my eyes! i too am strongly thinking about entering veganism and i personally feel i want to! You have opened my eyes to a whole new way of life which i look forward to entering!! Thanks you! 😀

  4. Hi Nikki have been trying to sign up to join Scouseveg but found it difficult. I am vegetarian and my friend Jenny is Vegan. Could we come along to the next meeting?

  5. Hi everybody! I’m Daniela and by this message I would like to have some info about Vegan Tattoo Studios in Liverpool.
    Can you help me? I would like to hear your experiences!
    Many thanks

  6. Hello.

    I’m interested in meeting new and like-minded people.
    I’m not on Facebook or any Social media. I do have an e-mail address though. I can’t make this Friday, but I am intersted in future gatherings.

    Can you keep me posted?



    I don’t know if the site is part of an elaborate initiation ceremony, but, the contact form does not work.

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