Cruelty and… kindness ?

Two recent news items: The first one is without discussion and hands down a story of abject abuse and cruelty to wild animals.
The second story though, is a bit weirder. Is it an act of kindness or again another act of cruelty ?

But first, an item via the Daily Mail of all places:

“China’s ‘cruelty olympics’ causes international outrage”

A bear struggles to retain its balance while gripping the two metal hoops, which look more like shackles than acrobatics equipment, as a wildlife park worker looks on and laughs.
Performing bear in China
This is just the latest shocking picture to emerge from the Animal Olympic Games which is being held in China, a country with a shameful animal rights record.

Chimpanzees are forced to play basketball and apparently lift huge weights, while a docile brown bear is dressed in a tutu while navigating a makeshift obstacle course in one of the strangest events ever to be staged.

The photographs are published for the first time today following outrage at earlier images which showed kangaroos being forced to take part in boxing matches with their supposed keepers and a monkey cycling while tied by the collar to the children’s bike.

Other events at the ‘games’ include a sea lion high jump and a tug of war between an elephant and members of the audience, with more than 300 animals taking part.

The forth of the biannual events at the Shanghai Wildlife Park has attracted thousands of visitors, including rapturous school children, but has provoked outrage and serious concerns among animal rights groups the world over.

Full story:

The second story is from Scotland via the BBC:

Surgery for museum’s ‘ugly’ fish

A fish at a Scottish museum has undergone surgery after visitors complained it was too ugly.

The goldfishA harmless but unsightly growth was removed from the goldfish, which was on show at the Royal Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

The operation was paid for using coins thrown into the fish pond at the popular visitor attraction.

A spokeswoman for the museum would not say how many complaints had been made about the fish.

Scientists decided to remove the unsightly growth after people expressed concern.

The lump, which did not seem to distress the fish in any way, was removed along with one of its eyes.

Full story:

So the obvious question is what is the point of an operation which resulted in the removal of an eye when it wasn’t necessary ? Why didn’t they either stop people from throwing coins into the pond, which is probably how the goldfish got this lump – or better – remove all the goldfish so this type of injury cannot happen.

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