Diet | Budget Clean Snacks #2

Almost a year ago, I posted my first Budget Clean Snacks article here on Moving Scouse, showcasing a little haul from Aldi. Recently, Isla and I were on our way to the playground and got rained on, so we took refuge in the local outlet for a few minute, waiting for it to blow over… and ended up finding quite a few things!

At the moment, they have coconut oil spray, almond butter and organic spinach pasta on specialbuy. These are more cupboard staples than snacks, but which I couldn’t resist picking up at a cut price.

Regular purchases for me are the pea snacks – one of my absolute favourite snacks in the world, and I always take a bag to work. Be careful when purchasing, though, there are several different flavours and some contain dairy, so read the label! I also always have a stash of the Moser Roth chocolate bars around. They come in several different varieties (again, not always vegan, so check) and they’re the perfect snack size. They’re ideal for an evening dessert, and I usually take one to work as well to keep myself from going to the shop and buying a family-sized bar of chocolate (although that happens, too). The Paleo bars aren’t really my thing, as I really struggle with fruit-and-nut based bars. They always make me feel a bit sickly. But Jake loves them, so we always pick up a few for his work snacks. They’re excellent budget replacements for naked bars, although the flavours aren’t quite as exciting. I also regularly buy the quinoa and rice mix. I usually make some quinoa ahead for the week, but sometimes, when I get home from work completely exhausted, having these pouches in the cupboard are the reason we manage to have a semi-healthy dinner and not order pizza. 

Finally, an extra-exciting newbie: coconut milk ice cream! I didn’t actually get to try this, but my family assure me that it’s very nice. They described the texture as frozen whipped coconut cream, so I’m very excited to try it for myself. It exists in chocolate flavour as well, and the ingredients list is reasonably short.

Have you found any exciting budget snacks recently? I’d love to read about them in the comments and pick some up!