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DIY Card Collage

Wedding Card Collage DIY Card Collage Displaying Wedding Cards Card CollageA few months after our wedding, I started packing up all the cards we had previously had on display. We have a box in which I keep every card we’ve ever been sent, for any occasion, because they make such a lovely keepsake but can’t all be on display at once. The cards we were given at our wedding, however, were so beautiful and are such a special memento of the day that it made me a little sad to put them out of sight. So instead of putting them away, I decided to take some of the prettiest examples and make them into a simple framed collage. It was really easy to do and is the perfect way to display cards from any special occasion!

I had a 50cm x 50cm IKEA Nyttja frame, which we were planning to use to frame one of our wedding photos. But since we couldn’t find a company that would print that specific size, it was just sitting around unused, so it was perfect for this project.

You will need:

1 large frame
Your cards


I would love to provide you with detailed instruction, but the whole process was almost painfully simple. After I had found an arrangement I liked, I just glued the cards to the paper insert that comes with the frame and put the frame back together. This ‘masterpiece’ is now hanging above our bed and reminds us of our wedding day every time we see it!

What are your favourite ways to display cards? I’d love to try a few other ideas to show them off!



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