8 thoughts on “The Green Fish Cafe – Upper Newington Street, Liverpool

  1. The Green Fish has a nice arty feel about it and do good quality meals which are also well priced, the only down side is that there is not as much vegan choice as the Egg and they are only open in the day, but very tasty and well worth a visit!

  2. I now live in St Helens and took two of my St Helens mates to Liverpool with me to see the carnival. We went the green fish so I could “show off” one of the best cafés in the city (I remembered it from the days of Stan with his harp)! Sadly they were very stand offish to us – possibly because we had children – and one of them was downright rude to us. We went the egg after that – they helped us up the stairs with prams and the service was wonderful. I felt embarrassed though that I’d raved so much about the green fish café and it wasn’t as good as it used to be.

  3. I was putting together a guide of recommended places to eat in Liverpool for a festival and called up the Green Fish Cafe to ask if I could include them in the guide free of charge. I was told they were too busy and they put the phone down.

  4. green fish has always been good to me…

    good food, good coffee, good staff.
    exceptional jazz selection aswell..

    .. feels a bit like family haha

  5. I tend to agree with Niki and Alan. Enjoyable food and good value.

    I’ve never known it unfriendly – must have been a bad week back in August. Sometimes you even get people from various tables all joining in conversation.

    Stan was still playing his harp there on Weds and Sats till quite recently.

  6. has the green fish cafe closed as there is no sign of life I thought it would have been open after christmas I do hope it has not as it will be greatly missed

  7. yes there was apparently a problem with renewing the lease and they are looking for a new place. If anyone knows their new address, please share it.

  8. I really miss the Green Fish. Many an hour spent there. Great food in a nice relaxed atmosphere with a harpist! Fingers crossed it returns soon to the city. Anyone with news of a re-opening please let us all know.

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