3 thoughts on “Our Kitchen, Bold Street, L1

  1. I wasn’t a fan of the owners using the restaurant as a makeshift office. My friend and I sat down for a late lunch / early dinner. Doing your books and ‘business’ is somewhat off-putting for paying customers. I was becoming stressed just looking at the pair of them being stressed!

    I also wasn’t a fan of dogs being inside the restaurant. Guide dogs I can forgive. But, to have a dog friendly restaurant when it is in the city centre and rather a small venue I thought was a little inappropriate.

    Finally, one of the owners had a leather Louis Vuitton handbag. Considering this is a vegan / vegetarian restaurant I thought was a little grotesque.

    The food on the other hand was good to average.

  2. Sadly they added meat and fish to the menu which makes me want to boycott it altogether. The fact that service was bad is another reason too. The waitress hounded us when we first sat down despite it being a quiet day and then once we ordered she disappeared and our food took ages. She brought us cold chips and then I wasn’t that impressed with my meal. When we wanted to order something else she was no where to be seen. Bizarre. Sounds like the owner just wants to turn a bigger profit, she doesn’t care about ethical food…there is no slaughter of an animal that is ethical full stop.

  3. Could be a lot nicer here.
    Visited in November, couldn’t fault the place, food was beautiful although the staff seemed to take a while to order it. Visited recently, service was poor, meat was on the menu and after changing the menu, it seems they kept some of the worst choices. Pretty dull menu considering what’s on offer elsewhere – they should have stuck to vegan/vege and just give us something more exciting than cave in to meat and fish.

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