6 thoughts on “The Quarter – Faulkner Street, Liverpool

  1. This lovely little place is situated just on the corner by Hope Street and you can even sit outside (weather permitting)! but it was one place I have always avoided up until recently due to the lack of veggie choice on the menu. But I went for a friends birthday lunch and he called up in advance to see if they could do vegan. They were very helpful and I was offered a few choices on the menu that could be adapted, I went for a lovely vegan pizza (they use no dairy in the base) with tons of stuff on top and strawberries to finish.

  2. Wednesday 30th July 2008. I only live down the road, eat here once ar twice most weeks.
    My partner found a WORM in her Quarter Salad, threw up….we all left our food, rang up complained, promised a call back….never came, phoned up again….not really bothered.

    This place is a great place, but have a problem and they dont give a damm

  3. i have been going to the quarter for years and they have always been happy to do pizza minus cheese. but i was in last week and when i mentioned i was vegan when ordering the waitress said they use (and have always used) dairy in their pizza bases. so i would advise caution!

  4. I work at the quarter and can defiantly say theres no dairy in the pizza bases. Little bit late now tho after two years.

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