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  1. What I like the most about the Egg is the chilled out setting and the fact you can get a good range of vegan meals. Although they don’t make as many vegan cakes as they used to they still do a tasty chocolate crunch. You can also take your own wine and the meals are very well priced so this is an ideal place if you want good food for under a fiver!

    1. Has the Egg improved in recent years? I’m coming to Liverpool at the weekend and wondering where to eat. Last time I went there, I was served an inedible burger and a crumble that had chopped nuts in, like something from the 70s. The fact that it’s still going implies it must have improved?

  2. I love the Egg and it’s a great place for a brew, but let’s be honest the food’s never been any good. Went recently and had the spicy burger – dry, stodgy with an unpleasant salsa. Cheap, tasty vegetarian food shouldn’t be that difficult.

  3. well I always wanted a chilled out veggie/vegan cafe on my doorstep, but Egg seems to be missing the point…food!
    stuck in the 70’s ,change it please! My son doesn’t like Egg food but the staff are soooo mean they won’t make him beans on toast, shame on you.On the other hand it is a nice place for cake and a cup of tea,but somewhere the size of Liverpool deserves better.

  4. I luv the egg!!!! Always a variety of food to pick, dead quick service and a good munch after a few hours shopping!!! staff are great and there is nothing they should change about the place although i did like it more when they had the fab couch in the corner!!!! x

  5. We live in Tipperary and were home in Liverpool for a few weeks.The Egg was recommended by Johanna who used to work there and was playing with a fab band in Clonmel, Ireland at the Platform in Gleesons Pub. We thought it was brilliant. Great food, lovely atmosphere and friendly and obliging staff. Their eggy bread is to die for. I was even given the choice of soya milk in my hot chocolate! We’ll definitely be back! Don’t change a thing!Love the artwork too.

  6. I really liked the egg actually, it was the first place I found that I could eat in when I arrived in liverpool and reminds me faintly of my favourite place in Edinburgh. Anyway, yes, decent prices, beautiful place, gorgeous food, and exactly my kind of place. 🙂

  7. It’s always great to go up to Egg. Good food, great friendly service, BYOD . Highly recommended.

  8. The Egg is awesome!
    First tried it on Friday and went back again on Saturday. I did get a few strange looks considering I was sporting a t-shirt with ‘All American Classic’ and a picture of a hot dog, along side my vegan tattoo…. but that’s my own fault. ha.

    Staff were really nice, service was really fast, especially on Saturday as it was PACKED. Can’t wait to get back to Liverpool so i can go again. =D

  9. A really great find for a vegan with a few days to spend in Liverpool and even better for regulars who can get to know the many different dishes. I would like to have visited again as I made a poor choice of main course. I opted for a three course meal which, including a cup of tea or coffee, was £9.95. The vegan mushroom soup, served with a glorious door stopper sized garlic herby bread, was superb, I should have just ordered that as it provided a very sufficient lunch. My choice of main course, called Creamy Mushrooms, apparently made with vegan cream cheese, had no visible sign of cream and no taste of mushroom; it was a rather sloppy dish consisting of mainly onion, pepper and tomato with a few mushrooms thrown in at the end of the cooking time. I took my dessert away with me and enjoyed later that evening the vegan chocolate cake. This restaurant reminds me of the early London vegetarian restaurants such as Mildred’s in the West End or Kingston’s Riverside Vegetaria which initially offered very stodgy food. Egg’s salad, for instance, consisted of two carbs and several root vegetables. The only other option as an accompaniment to the main courses was boiled rice. It’s a better restaurant for vegetarians than vegans as there were a couple of very nice looking quiches on offer. The restaurant itself has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and the staff were extremely helpful, friendly and accommodating. It’s probably unfair to judge this restaurant on a single visit and I’ll make a point of returning when next in Liverpool.

  10. I love the egg. I love the random bright purple door in the middle of an otherwise dull street. I love the beanie burger, it amazing. I love the great prices. I love the fact that you don’t have to pay for a glass of water and I love the foreign guy who works on weekdays. I love that its bright purple from floor to ceiling and I love the gold painted vines. I love the upstairs seating. I love the painting upstairs and I love the mis-matched tables and chairs. I love it when I take someone new there and they look confused when you reach the top of the stairs and there’s just a purple make-shift door. I love the hot chocolate and the bananna cake. I love that its so close to Quiggins and Bold Street but its so quiet and you don’t get any chavs or screaming kids in there. I love the atmosphere most, its great for revising or just relaxing. I love sitting by the old wooden window and watching the rain with a cup of tea. One of only a few great places left after the Paradise Street project knocked everything down.

  11. Once described as the most Bohemian place on Earth, the Egg is a veritable garden of delights.
    The stairway is like going up the Rabbit Hole instead of down. From Rachel (The Painting Fairy’s) interior design and stunning mural upstairs from The Temple of the Flora (an obscure 18th century compendium of graphic art) to the notices and tables full of interesting things going on in town, from the pictorial art to the always friendly staff, not to mention the imposing and mysterious visitors who are occasionally seen there, and yes, the grub too, which is a bit hit and miss at times I must admit, (I well remember Carrot and Orange soup with BIG lumps of carrot and an excruciating excess of orange zest!) there is a baroque charm to it that at once captivates and envelops the inquisitive mind and senses with divers fascinations.
    There’s always music; not everyone likes that. It’s never loud though, and, consistent with the Egg formula, it’s always something different and somehow never seems to intrude. It’s just a part of the whole wonderful mess of the place.
    The building is old and a bit decrepid, the staff are young and learning; as art exhibits come and go, and structural improvements are often in progress, and supplies being moved up the stairs, there is a sense of constant change and renewal. You never quite know what to expect when you go there. Maybe bare walls if a new installation is imminent. Or perhaps a riot of colour and texture, or a more subdued and adumbrating theme; a packed house full of college types gossiping and older intellectuals behind their journals and books, bemused itinerants, mysterious acolytes, a breeding colony of stuffed monkeys, solicitous paramours, or a largely deserted welcoming space, it’s always different.
    And the graf in the loos of course which is always of the most direct sincere and polemical kind.
    Then there’s night-time. As the lights go off and the candles are handed out and lit, the environs take on a whole new life of shadow and mystery, and late on a cold Winter’s night, there’s nowt quite so delightfully warming as a bowl of Egg crumble and a mug of Yogi tea.
    It is what it is. The sofas aren’t there any more, it’s all decorated, much of the raw anarchy has left it. The Egg has grown up, the Slipknot hoodie has gone to the charity shop, the piercings are out and gone, but under that slightly shabby suit is a flamoyant bow tie and a pair of the most ridiculous odd socks you’ve ever seen.
    This is a place for the adventurous. If things go wrong, if you get stood up, if your life stinks, don’t worry, because at the Egg you’re never more than a spicy burger away from happiness.
    Just one last thing. As with all places of mystery, there are certain superstitions surrounding it, one of which is, leave a tip and make a wish. Even if you’re totally strapped, leave a penny in the magic tips bowl and the Painting Fairy and her friends might just grant your wish, who knows.

  12. i like this place…it have a really good atmosphere and a great place to hang out and just chill…the staff also very nice, n i love the chocolate cake. in fact, i really enjoy spent my time for hours in this cafe 🙂

  13. The Egg is a fantastic place, with delicous food and a wide range of teas. It’s great for full meals or filling snacks. The Cakes are scumptious and HOME MADE. As a Vegan it’s great to go somewhere I can get the food I want.

    Then there’s the art, there’s always new art covering the walls. Exhibitions and instalations rotate frequently, the Egg is after all an art gallery as well as a Cafe. The Egg is a must see for anyone wanting to see the real culture of Liverpool, not the sanitized zone that is Liverpool 1.

    The Egg is also a nice relaxed place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the City. It has a friendly atmosphere and feels cosy even though it’s quite big.

    There aren’t many Vegetraian Cafe’s or Restaurants in Liverpool so I suppose it’s not surprising that some people would get fed up with the menu if they ate there all of the time. I like the Egg menu, but if some customers want some additions then I think the Egg should try to accomodate them if they can. I’m always up for trying something new.

    The Egg plays a significant role in the lives of local Vegans and Vegetarians, as well as many other groups. It has a unique atmosphere, good food and is a great place to hang out. You can bring your own booze too, it’s lovely in the evenining in the candle light.

    Chocolate Crunch for me please.

  14. The Egg Cafe is one of the best restaurant’s in Liverpool , I love the welcoming feel and the friendly people inside ! 🙂 Brilliant place

  15. Can’t believe anyone can say the foods not good here. Have always had the most tasty food here and I’m not veggie. Love the artwork and the vibe. Am always recommending it to people, just wish it had a lift so I could bring one of my disabled friends. Great place. Great food.

  16. The restaurant is up a side street and in close proximity of Kimo’s and Green Fish, other veggie friendly eateries. Go up two garishly painted flights of stairs and you are there. It looks like a converted loft and has a very informal ambience, the customers being an interesting mix of hippies, students, families and businesspeople alike. However, on closer inspection the restaurant seemed to be a bit dirty, with flaking paint on the walls, a rotten windowsill covered in dirt and flakes of paint and the cutlery was also dirty.

    I went to order my meal at the self-service counter. An array of tast food was displayed, including a pea and potato madras, a ratatouille, macaroni, quiche and a colourful salad. The girl who served me was pleasant, however as she was taking my order, a much older man (the manager?) came out and started flirting with her, grabbing hold of her and stroking her while she was trying to work. What a lech! This made me feel uncomfortable and I was tempted to walk out; either that, or throw a bucket of water over him before he started humping her leg like the dog on heat he was.

    I ordered ratatouille which came with rice and a bountiful salad, consisting of couscous, pasta,red onion and butterbean. The salad was superb, I couldn’t fault it. The ratatouille was beautiful-home made with fresh veg, it tasted as good as a curry. Button mushrooms and roasted courgettes made a perfect combination. At £5.99, the price was ok but dear when compared to the prices of the nearby Chinese places.
    Egg also offers a daily soup, today’s being lentil and apricot, yummy. There is also the option of a 4 course meal for 9.95.

    Would I visit Egg again? Yes, but on the condition that they polished up their act. It’s all very good saying it is ‘bohemian’, but when people use that as an excuse to give the place a lick of paint and buy a better dishwasher, it just translates as ‘lazy’. The chipping paint everywhere could pose a possible hygiene threat, and the fact that the manager/chef/whatever he was sees it as perfectly normal to hit on his young female colleagues in front of customers needs to go on a course to learn how to behave in the workplace.

  17. I love this place and miss it so much when i’m in Sheffield at uni, the only vegan place there is bland bland bland and is an absolute rip off!(the blue moon)

    The cakes are gorgeous at the Egg and I love that they have vegan yoghurt and custard to have with them.

    My fave main is the tandoori mushrooms and the bulgar wheat salad yum yum.

  18. I worked here on Sundays in 2004 and really enjoyed it. I had to cook all day veg breakfast and a Sunday roast which seemed to go down well. During the week I would often visit nearly always having the chilli bean burger with all the salad, fantastic. I hope it’s still doing well, I left Liverpool soon after and miss The Egg and Liverpool very much

  19. Does anyone know until what time The Egg is open on Saturdays? Going to Liverpool on Saturday but won’t be there until late and need a place to eat then. I love The Egg and would like to show it off to a friend. Many thanks if you have the info!

  20. Janine Pinion actually founded the Acorn cafe in 1984 which sometime in early 90s was run by two men who then moved and created the Green fish cafe on Upper Newington. I think the Green Fish Cafe is possibly the oldest and longest running vegetarian cafe in Liverpool. Other names I can remember of vegetarian cafes in Liverpool are Carrageen cafe on mytle parade, Food for thought on Hardman street. Cloud nine upstairs at the Bar bar, and also the 2nd green fish which was in the Door Hanover street – what a great loss and I think the LIPA cafe was also vegetarian but changed due to students protests.

  21. Mediocre a-level standard art.
    nice staff.
    Edible food.
    take your own bev, preferably wine.
    mostly good, despite the places condescending melodramatic owner.
    interestingly not so student friendly as it wants to be, or maybe it’s just the owner being a prick.

  22. This is the best place in Liverpool for a good, honest vegetarian meal. They are soup-connoisseurs, their bread and houmous is to die for. Very filling, very cheap! Couldn’t ask for more!

  23. I went to the Egg Cafe this evening (April 3, 2011 around 9 pm) at the recommendation of my hotel. Unfortunately, the place seemed to be closed. There ths a handwritten sign outside the entrance to the stairs, saying that it was on the top floor and open. However, the entrance door to the place on the top floor was closed. There was no sign outside the door to indicate that it was the Egg Cafe.

  24. I have enjoyed reading all your comments regarding the Egg Cafe, it sounds absolutely fascinating and will be my first visit on Saturday night 9th July to celebrate my Veggie friend’s Birthday.I am really looking forward to it!!

    Thank you,

  25. Visited the EGG CAFE on friday. I had 16 others with me, all from my MEETUP GROUP i organise. Fantastic venue, relaxed, nicely decorated and was provided a pine table bigger enough to seat us all comfortably. I’m not a veggie however i so enjoyed the food, so much choice and is displayed in front of you to view making your choice easy. We were able to take our own wine and beers making this an extremely cheap priced evening. Definately going back again soon as everyone had a brilliant evening, thanks to the owners and staff. Sheila

  26. Hi,

    Would love to know what the VEGAN breakfast consist of.

    We are coming to Liverpool and would love a reply back from the EGG Cafe Liverpool before our next visit.

    Please, please get in touch before the end of the week. Kind regards, Elizabeth.

  27. My son and I went to Egg today, we thought it was excellent, very generous portions I had to leave quite a lot. The wholemeal bread was delicious, my son had a spicy bean burger and salad which he enjoyed.

  28. I love the Egg, there is no-where else like it In Liverpool. I have been going there since I was 18 and am 33 now. You can’t beat the relaxed atmosphere and good music. Any cafe that plays the Smiths has got to be good. I agree with Mike about the A Level standard art but I think that adds to it’s charm and it’s good to have something new to look at everytime you go even if it’s a bit crap, lol! I also agree about the food being average and I don’t know why they don’t do things like jacket potatoes and other veggie things that meat eaters eat. (although I now have a vague drunken memory of asking and it being something to do with the oven). Part of it’s charm is also the fact that you can sit there as long as you like without being made to feel like they are trying to rush you out so it is great for meeting up with friends.
    I actually appplied for a job there today as would love to work there so fingers crossed.

  29. Food is mostly lovely. Service is awful, most staff either ignore you, or dont speak a word of english. Always manage to get my simple order wrong, or forget to put the food ive paid for in my take out. Been a long time visitor, really unhappy lately.

  30. Only thing negative about the Egg Cafe is why is there not one in every town in the UK, the Egg Cafe should be sponsored by the British Govt on the healthy way to eat. Really nourishing healthy food and lots of it

  31. Pros: Always something vegan, good salad bar, seats usually available, chocolate crunch cake.
    Cons: Filthy, cheap cutlery, poor quality food (saw a carton of ASDA instant custard), use of non-vegan Quorn (why?!).

  32. We tried to visit you today. Couldn’t find you. Had to go elsewhere for lunch. Very disappointed

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