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There’s a restaurant in Chicago which takes neuvo cuisine to a new level »

Papercraft food printed with edible inks at Chicago’s Moto restaurant

Homaro Cantu, the chef at Chicago’s Moto restaurant, makes dishes by printing flavored inks onto edible sheets of “paper” and combining this papercraft food with elements cooked from the inside out with lasers.

Details of how he serves (prints out) this “food” »

…Perhaps Cantu’s greatest innovation at Moto is a modified Canon i560 inkjet printer (which he calls the “food replicator” in homage to Star Trek) that prints flavoured images onto edible paper. The print cartridges are filled with food-based “inks”, including juiced carrots, tomatoes and purple potatoes, and the paper tray contains sheets of soybean and potato starch. The printouts are flavoured by dipping them in a powder of dehydrated soy sauce, squash, sugar, vegetables or sour cream, and then they are frozen, baked or fried.

So next time you are in Chicago, pop in and say hello to this Trekkie chef. Spock

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