“Faux” Fur May Contain Dog Hair

Racoon Dogs from Japan

Found via DiscoveryNews:

So-called “faux” fur may actually contain dog hair, according to Humane Society of the United States investigations.

Inspectors for the Humane Society say fur from a canine species known as the raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides) was found on garments labeled as being “faux-fur.”

During the recent winter holiday shopping season, for example, Neiman Marcus advertised and sold animal fur online as being “faux.” The item in question was a $1,300 Burberry women’s jacket.

“Neiman Marcus has repeatedly sold garments where the animal fur was misrepresented or even described as fake fur,” said Pierre Grzybowski, manager of the fur campaign for The HSUS. “How many of this latest jacket were sold to unsuspecting consumers who thought they were buying fake fur?”

Burberry has since changed its marketing for the item, but this is just one example in a long line of misrepresentations by other brands and retailers. In fact, “finnraccoon” is a well-known term used by the fashion industry to market fur from the raccoon dog, a canine indigenous to east Asia.

The problem also doesn’t only impact individuals concerned about animal welfare. Buyers willing to shell out big bucks, thinking they are getting clothing made from the fur of exotic animals, may actually be wearing common farm animal hair…

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