Free Downloadable Vegan Cookbooks

This website is offering two free* downloadable (in .PDF format) vegan cookbooks:

Free Vegan (Vegetarian) Cookbooks/Recipes of the VCG

“The Vitalita Culinary Group (VCG) has produced two free, original, on-line, vegan cookbooks (vegetarian/non-dairy e-cookbooks). Over 90% of these recipes are gluten free (no wheat, spelt, kamut, oats, barley, rye, etc.), and therefore suitable for a person who has celiac disease or a person on a non-gluten diet. Many of the recipes are low-fat, and all recipes are nutrient dense. At this point, these two cookbooks contain over 150 original vegan recipes. “

*However… Lower down the page it says:

“These are “shareware” cookbooks. Therefore, similar to shareware software, if you enjoy any of these cookbooks, you are asked to send a $10 contribution (for each cookbook) to show your appreciation. As all proceeds from these cookbooks are donated to Vegan Outreach (a non-profit vegan advocacy/education group).”

But 10 of your capitalistic dollars works out at around £5.28 so still a bit of bargain.

Direct links to the .pdf file format book:

There are alternative printable text versions which can be found here

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