Freshfields Animal Rescue – Time Of Need Appeal

Freshfields Time Of Need Appeal - click this banner to donate

As many of our Freshfields Animal Rescue community will know, Freshfields is a local independent animal rescue shelter, and we rely completely on the generosity of others to carry out our vital work. It is the passion of our lives to rescue and rehome abused and unwanted animals.We have been doing this at Freshfields for almost 40 years.

At the moment, due to soaring costs, intense financial pressures and the never-ending stream of distressed animals who need us, we have had to take the difficult step of closing our doors to new admissions. Our ability to continue to run our sanctuaries is under serious threat and we are at a crisis point.

We must at this moment appeal to your compassion and ask for your help at this time of crisis. We need you to please donate what you can, and ask your friends and family to not only share our Time Of Need Appeal, but to contribute whatever they can. Never think that your donation is too small to make a difference. Freya, the ‘loneliest dog in Britain’, found a home after 6 years in Kennels. We never gave up on her, and we’re not going to give up now.

Please click on the link above to donate to our ‘TIME OF NEED APPEAL’.
Thank you for helping us to save the animals.