Freshfields Animal Rescue Urgent Appeal

Both the Freshfields Animal Rescue locations on Merseyside and in North Wales need your help:

Freshfields Animal Rescue

Charity Hit by Hard Times – Help Needed !

Freshfields Animal Rescue Liverpool site may soon be forced to close its doors to all new admittances. A recession led drop in monetary donations coupled with an unavoidable fall in charity shop takings during the extreme weather conditions has left the rescue with a serious cash flow problem. The few paid staff of the Ince Blundell rescue are currently in receipt of only half wages, although all have committed to fulfilling their usual rota for the sake of the animals in their care.

The charity which is currently without telephone lines due to damaged telegraph poles also suffered a heating malfunction during the extreme -17 temperatures of late December.

‘We are at our wits end’ says Freshfields trustee Marge Albert. ‘ Our purpose is to provide rescue and shelter for the many abandoned and abused animals in Merseyside before finding them new, safe homes and without sufficient cash to keep us functioning we have no choice but to close our doors to new admittances. This is a frightening time and not where we wanted to find ourselves at the beginning of 2011’

Below is a video from Granada Reports :

Freshfields Wales is currently in a similar situation and Lesley Tarleton manager of that centre has been in contact with local newspapers to request their help with an appeal.

Freshfields (Wales and Liverpool combined) rescues and re-homes in excess of 2000 animals and birds annually.

To make a donation to the Liverpool rescue please send your cheques made payable to: Freshfields Animal Rescue, East Lane, Ince Blundell, Liverpool, L29 3EA.

Alternatively you can donate online BY CLICKING HERE.

– If you wish to donate to the Welsh rescue their contact details are as follows: Freshfields Animal Rescue, Bryn Melyn, Lon Pant-y-Gog, Nasareth, Caernarfon, North Wales, LL54 6DU. Tel. 01286 880808

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