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Swans are beheaded
Dec 6 2006
Liverpool Echo

YOBS are attacking and mutilating swans.

Police are investigating a series of horrific incidents at Spike Island in Widnes during the past month.

Three of the birds have been discovered shot with an air rifle and decapitated.

Extra patrols have now been stationed at the Halton parkland. Martin Findlow, Cheshire police wildlife officer, said: “Why anyone would want to harm such beautiful creatures is bizarre.”

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We watched dog die on live rail
Dec 6 2006
By Luke Traynor , Liverpool Echo

HORRIFIED passengers watched as a dog was electrocuted on rail lines while operators refused to switch off the power.

The Southport to Liverpool city centre service ground to a halt at Crosby station yesterday morning after two dogs ran on to the line.

The train was emptied by Merseyrail staffa nd distressed commuters watched in horroras the dogs lay howling in agony on the tracks.

Repeated requests were made to turn off the power to save the animals, but they were turned down.

One of the dogs was killed by the current, the other managed to escape despite suffering a series of electric shocks.

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Puppy shot dead by gunmen
Dec 6 2006
By Mike Hornby, Liverpool Echo

A PUPPY was shot dead when gunmen targeted a house on Merseyside.

The seven-month-old terrier ran into the street and was shot as bullets were fired towards its owner’s house in Langton Road,Tower Hill, Kirkby.

The shooting happened at around 10.30pm last night and the gunman and an accomplice fled the scene across nearby fields.

The owner of the house was unharmed in the incident.

Police say they suspect the house was targeted but the resident may have been the victim of mistaken identity.

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