Fur Wearer Kate Moss Paying Lip Service

Kate Moss wears fur - again and again and again

Two items spotted on Ecorazzi:

The first one is a report about how Kate Moss is going to take part in Meat Free Monday, not because she thinks that it is an ethically sound thing to do, but because she’s trying to appease Stella McCartney with this token gesture:

“Kate Moss isn’t going to win points with animal rights activists anytime soon, but the model is definitely trying to score some with Stella McCartney. It’s often reported that the two friends gripe over Moss’s love of fur — but it appears this time that McCartney’s vegetarian ways are having something of an influence.

According to The Scummy Sun, Moss is taking on Stella’s “Meatless Mondays” campaign and giving up one day of meat a week. In preparation, has ate only raw foods and vegetables to detox for a week, giving her a taste of what it feels like to be a vegan. A source told The Scum: “Kate has spent time catching up with Stella during Paris Fashion Week and finally agreed to support her friend by going without meat for a day each week.”

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Also this on Ecorazzi: (the picture above, third from the right)
Dear Kate Moss: How Many Big Cats Died For Your Coat ?

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