German Summer

German Summer - Moving ScouseThere’s something magical about spending lazy sunny days with your family in the house you grew up in. Earlier this month, Jake and I braved the discomfort of Ryanair to visit my mum, dad and brother in the north of Germany and were lucky enough to be blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather.

We spent an absolutely lovely day walking around Bremen, where we found a restaurant that sells Vegan Currywurst. It’s called Scharfrichter and if you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend giving this place a go!

Schnoor Bremen Schlachte Bremen Rathaus Bremen Marketplace

As lovely as a day out is, though, there’s nothing better than sitting on the verandah together and just catching up. Last summer‘s kitten has grown up and is gigantic (and hungry). We tried some amazing vegan food from the health food shop close to my parents’ house, including the much-discussed Vego bars, the new Vivani chocolates and some Vantastic Foods goodies, including faux steak pieces that we made vegan barbecue skewers with! Jake is always totally smitten with my mum’s collection of sauces, and my parents sure know how to make a barbecue awesome. Drinks, lots of veggies, gigantic local strawberries, sunshine and lots of talking! I can’t wait for our next visit!

Wine o'Clock :) Vivani Mandel Orange Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms Vegan Grilling Skewers Strawberries Giant Strawberry German SummerDo you visit your family in the summer? What are some of your traditions?