9 thoughts on “Going Further Out… The Coven Deli, Wigan

  1. I made a 25mile trip to go to the Coven to find the branch on Wallgate had shut down. The Hallgate deli sells alot of meat/fish products. Not happy, didn’t go in!

  2. The Wallgate venue has, indeed, closed but the deli on Hallgate (43 Hallgate) offers and even bigger veggie/vegaqn menu. Yes, we do now offer some meat, but the menu is 95% veggie/vegan. We have found that many more vegetarians now eat here as their partners (many of whom are not veggie) are happy to eat here too. If the 100% vegetarian community were able to support a 100% veggie menu we’d be happy to drop the small amout of meat that we do.

    I’m sorry the last person was not happy to enter the deli as it had some meat. The vast majority of vegetarians in the area are happy with ther compromise as they would rather have a 95% veggie cafe with a meat option than the typical ‘lip-service’ veggie option of other cafes!

  3. We went there yesterday too, saw the coven was shut so traipsed to the deli where we were disappointed to see very little vegan stuff on menu and lots of meat… we didnt go in either

  4. “…traipsed to the deli…” it’s about 3 minutes walk!!
    Sadly most ‘Wigginers’ are highly suspicious of veggie food. If the Coven hadn’t started providing some meat dishes it just wouldn’t have been sustainable. I suppose if all of us veggies regularly and FREQUENTLY supported the deli/cafe they could drop the meat but let’s be honest most of us just call in every few months especially those of us from out of town. I’ve been pure veggie for 40 years and would hate to think my food is contaminated with animal/fish but I trust this place so have no qualms eating there.

  5. Again, I’m sorry that some come to The Coven and think that we serve ‘lots of meat’ – we actually don’t as it amounts to only a few percent of what we sell – but having it encourages ‘meat eaters’ to come in and then try something else. Most of our customers are not vegetarian so we believe we are doing a good job at encouraging ‘meat eaters’ to try veggie & vegan food. Without meat on the menu they wouldn’t event step inside!

    Those who just look at the menu outside and don’t see much vegan are doing us a dis-service – any vegan who comes in will find a wide range of vegan options – the A4 menu isn’t big enough to list everything we do. TALK TO US – we are very friendly and have many happy vegan customers as regulars.

  6. The Coven is a great place to eat for a vegetarian. I’ve been twice and had lovely meals in a nice friendly atmosphere. Last time chatting to local animal rights people who were organising a vegan buffet night there. I would go to The Coven much more often if I lived closer to Wigan, but will definitely be making special trips at least once a month. If not 100% vegetarian, they are very close to it and exceptionally veggie friendly. I highly recommend The Coven.

  7. To those who decided not to eat at The Coven they missed a gem ,we have just recently had the pleasure of finding this friendly place serving fabulous homemade food to suit its customers.we are always impressed and look forward to going again very soon .

  8. Just to update everyone – we have separate vegan menus (see the PDFs online) – these offer almost as wide a range as vegetarian. We are also beginning to offer Raw vegan food and our last Thursday Gourmet night had 16 VEGAN dishes out of 18 dishes in total.

  9. Since last Autumn, The Coven has returned to being 100% Veggie. In fact we are 85%+ vegan, too!

    The pictures above are out of day – we did a big refit last July and the place looks very different. The menu if bigger and better than ever before and we are now open Thursday evenings for extra quality veggie & vegan food.

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