Healthier fruit and veggies for kids – American style

Disney fruitOver in the land of the free, home of the weird everything is commericalised. And I mean everything. Advertizing is what powers and runs the country (just ask the sponsored by Haliburton and Texaco Bush administration.)

Every concievable thing carries a sponsors logo and now that includes fruit and vegetable sold for children. You see it’s not enough to tell the kids here to eat more veg or fruit, like everything else it has to be packaged and sold to entice their purchasing.

Via Boing Boing:

Disney-branded fruit and veggies

Disney has partnered with Imagination Farms, a produce distributor that sells cartoon-branded fruits and veggies, to fill the produce aisle with Disney-brand fruit. Other companies’ characters — SpongeBob, Taz and others — will also appear on fruit this year. Disney says that its promotion of healthy food will make it money and fight child obesity:

“Already available are peaches with Daisy Duck and Goofy stickers, and table grapes packaged in Mickey and Minnie Mouse boxes. Organic apples with Winnie the Pooh — the mascot for Disney Garden organic selections — are due out sometime in September…”

Full CNN article:

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