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Cheers To You Jane !

ScouseVeggies gather ! Pic by Matt

UPDATE: Another photo – the above picture taken by Matt. Cheers for this !

Jane, one of the organisers of ScouseVeg recently moved to Switzerland. This means that she obviously can’t attend any more of the the Monthly Meetings at The Egg Cafe. So at the last get-together I asked if someone could take some photos so that Jane can see what she’s missing !

Thanks to Carrina from Nature’s Boutique who attended the last meeting last Friday for these pics which she posted on our ScouseVeg Facebook Group. Mirrored here:

[nggallery id=15]

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The ScouseVeg meetings take place on the first Friday of every month and everybody is welcome !

One thought on “Cheers To You Jane !

  1. Hi Webbie,

    what a nice surprise, hello to everyone at Scouseveg too. Will make a trip to the Egg when I come over to the UK.

    Will try and take a pic when Marcel and I attend a Zurich Veggie group meeting.

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