Honeymoon Series | Part 3 – Bournemouth


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The final part of my Honeymoon Series will cover our day trip to Bournemouth and our visit to Mad Cucumber Vegan Lounge!

We spent Tuesday shopping in Bournemouth, after a car journey through the stunning countryside and a quick ferry journey over to Poole. There isn’t a whole lot to tell you about Bournemouth itself, not because it isn’t a great place, but because we mostly just shopped. I’ll be posting a Lush Christmas haul very soon though!

For lunch, we did a quick Google search on vegan options in the area and found Mad Cucumber, which is really central and easy to find. I’m still in shock about this place. It has to be to best vegan food I’ve ever eaten, aside from home cooked dishes and our wedding meal, of course. There was so much to choose from, and the place is completely and entirely vegan! We ended up settling for enchiladas, and chocolate cake and pumpkin spice cake for dessert. The food was absolutely delicious and the cake was perfect. I was very impressed by the fact that it wasn’t too sweet – I find that many times vegan cake is made with far too much sugar to compensate for the ‘lack’ of animal ingredients. And can we all just take a moment to appreciate the side salad? I’m used to side salads being a few wilted leaves with some under-ripened and over-refrigerated chunks of tomato and cucumber, but this took it to the next level. A simple salad with mustard dressing, some rice AND a scoop of creamy cucumber salad? I felt spoiled. I would also like to say that the staff were absolutely lovely. Apart from that one time I had to ring Lufthansa and they saved my arse over a checking-in mistake, I think Mad Cucumber had some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Have you been to Bournemouth before? What are your recommendations?


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