Hug A Veggie Today !

Today (Friday September 29th) is the International ‘Hug A Vegetarian’ day.

No matter what your diet may be, you have to admit that vegetarians are pretty darn huggable, and with more than 20 million vegetarians in the world, chances are pretty good that everyone knows a few. On September 29, we’re going to set up the largest worldwide group hug of vegetarians ever—and we need your help to make it happen!

Whether you’ve been vegetarian since birth or you still eat meat, mark your calendar for Friday, September 29, to hug your vegetarian boyfriend, girlfriend, roommate, brother, or sister, then sign up to tell us who you’re going to embrace on “Hug a Vegetarian” Day. We’re going for a world record here, people, so be sure to hug every last vegetarian you can find!

Clicky the image below for more info:

Hug a veggie !

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