Joanna Lumley leads protest against animal exports

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Animal exports“Joanna Lumley is fronting a campaign to shame the UK government into upholding a ban against live veal calf exports. The actress fears next week’s (beginning 8th May 2006) end to the current 10-year ban on the export of British beef will bring about the unnecessary transportation and suffering to thousands of animals. The ban was originally designed to stem the BSE crisis in 1996. Lumley says, “It is simply unacceptable to treat living creatures this way. All we’ve got to do is get people in our country to understand what we’re doing in our land to our animals which are our responsibility. We make these animals be born, we breed them up. They’re entirely our responsibility; their lives and their deaths are our responsibility.”

» A more in depth Independent Online article.

» There will be a march and rally in Dover this coming Saturday (May 6th 2006).

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  1. I am so passionate about animals that i wrote my school english essay on the animal testing that is going on in the world and i really really think that the testing should stop so all of the animals should not have to suffer the pain that humans have to go through in life. Can i please have some ideas on what i can do to help the animals and how i can spread the word in my school to tell them about the disgraceful behaver that humans that thay have showen towards the animals. There is 100% of animals procedures by species how sad is that but i am willing to stop all of that.

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